Teaching Your Child Music

ART IN THE SCHOOLSMusic is a universal language.  Why?  No matter the language, subject or genre, it has the capacity to touch the inner self–the soul.  It also gives us the ability to feel, empathize and express unconditional love.  Without it, individuals can be cold, calculating and untouchable.  We see that in cultures throughout the world, including America. Yet…school systems across this country have eliminated music from the curricula.  Here are a few reasons music is essential to the life of a child, it helps them:

  • Develop discipline.
  • Acquire Social Skills.
  • Increase Brain Power.
  • Improve Literacy.
  • Express Compassion.
  • Develop a Life Skill-Set.

If you are unable to give your child private music lessons, support organizations that offer FREE lessons to children.  Look for them online and enroll your child in one of the classes.  Interest, accountability and a strong desire to learn are key ingredients for acceptance in most schools.

You may have a Johann Sebastian Bach, Louis Armstrong or Leonard Bernstein in your house!