Are Americans Subliminally Led into Illnesses?

You are probably saying, “Who would ask such a thing?  Who wants to be sick?  That’s crazy! Sickness just happens!  It’s stupid to even suggest such a thing?”

Well … is it really?  Consider this:

  • How many commercials do you see on TV in a given hour that talk about pain, sickness and death?
  • How many insurance companies advertise that you need health insurance for illnesses you don’t have?
  •  How many drugs are paraded in front of you on TV?
  •  How many drugs tell of side effects you don’t have, but may have if you take that particular drug?  I could go on and on.
  • Do you believe your mental intake of all of this leaves you harmless?

Hmm-mm.  Let’s talk about this.

The question becomes, “Do you believe constantly breathing the air of cancer, colds, heart attacks, strokes and a host of other diseases have no affect on your mental atmosphere?  No affect on your body?”  They do!  What is the basis of my conclusion?  It reaches into the Book of Proverbs, Chapter 23, Verse 7, which reads:  “as he thinketh in his heart, so is he …”   Other reasons for my conclusion can be found below:

  1. In a book entitled As a Man Thinketh, published in 1903 by a man named James Allen.  Simplistically, this book stresses that each person holds the key to every experience and circumstance that shapes his life and has the capacity to deal with the status quo or transform it by his thoughts.
  2. A book entitled Science and health with Key to the Scriptures, written by a woman called Mary Baker Eddy.  This book has and is transforming the lives of millions of people … myself being one of those people.
  3. Many psychologists today believe thoughts such as joy, peace and love direct a person’s life positively, while thoughts of anger, fear and discord impact a person’s life negatively.
  4. Doctors, in spite of writing drug prescriptions, performing surgeries, and manipulating the body physically, believe thoughts of hope, expectation and joy heal the body.

Now that you have a basis for my assertion, let me expound on it by sharing how good thoughts over evil thoughts have directed my life for over forty years.

Each day, materials that remove idle, empty and evil thoughts from consciousness are replaced with thoughts of courage, strength, faith, hope and peace.   These materials range from the Kings James Version of the Bible to articles that express kindness, joy, righteousness and justice.   Words that lead to higher levels of thought are apprehended, meanings explored and applied daily to challenges that seek to strip me of peace, happiness and goodwill.

Health is not viewed as a well body, but a well mind–a mind influenced by the One Mind, God.  Just as you go to great lengths keeping or restoring your physical body to health, greater lengths should be explored and practiced to keep your mind filled with spiritual thoughts and ideas.  Why?  This is how you keep your physical body operating at optimum level. Don’t knock it if you have not tried it.  Serving God does not come by osmosis, or by sitting in church one day a week, but by diligently studying, praying and practicing every thought that aligns itself with perfection and spiritual understanding.

Read over 100 articles on the website entitled “Open Thought” at that lead to alternative ways of restoring health, harmony and peace.  Put these ideas into action for one month, then … tell me how you feel!

Books - Linda