The Next Generation Leaders: Millennials


We are facing a new generation of leaders–leaders who have lived, loved and walked among all colors, creeds and ethnic identities, and have a new way of viewing the world.  Hypocrisy, power and prestige have taken a backseat to honesty, integrity and courage in America and “kids” are saying “enough is enough!”

We see  this in the way they speak and live.  While many leaders of today have allowed politics and past mistakes to put our country at risk, our values misrepresented  and our religions in “bed with politicians.”   They are seeking to reverse such thinking!

We are a nation in transition.. where we go is anyone’s guess.  It is refreshing to hear young adults and teenagers express more wisdom and empathy for mankind than much of the nation has courage to put forth.  They have taken a stand for what they believe.  Where are the adults?  If we don’t stand for something … we stand for nothing!  That “something” has to be inclusive, just and impartial!

This is not new!  During the civil rights movement, black and white youth joined hands in life and death–speaking to a nation whose consciousness was rooted in the bottom of slave ships, the fields of the south, the kitchens of the north and the slums of the cities.  Human nature thrives on one group trampling on a group less fortunate!  It is only when the moral compass of mankind reaches higher levels of thought, can sustained equality, justice and freedom for all exist.

Let’s walk with these young adults and kids … they seem to know where they are going!




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