An American Story: My Family and Yours

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Dream is … Dr. Mamie Smith’s Message!

6. Mamie Smith The StarThe civil right’s movement is the blueprint to human rights.  It moved the world to look at humanity, not through the lenses of color, creed and gender but, as “man’s humanity to man.” Principles that governed respect, honesty, integrity, justice and equality were examined, re-stated and practiced, thereby bringing forth unity and freedom–principles that are utilized with scarcity in the world today.   As many across this country and continents worldwide trampled on those principles, others planted the seeds of  self-government, self-direction and independence, an independence that ignited a spark which has illuminated the world.

Author Dr. Mamie Smith saw that spark, and used it’s light to embark on a journey of self-discovery, unfolding the layers of social injustice that clouded her vision, diminished her self-worth and blurred the pathway to social parity.  An American Story: My Family and Yours is the birth child of that journey.


Your self is what you see in another self.”

“What you believe, is who you are.”

An American Story Book Cover

She learned that “the freedoms we share, are based on the freedoms we embrace, and liberation of inner self is power.”  This book uses the experiences of the author to liberate that power.  Dr. King’s “dream” led to Dr. Smith’s “conscious discovery.”  Over seven years, that consciousness was invaded, scrutinized and dissected until she understood “one person’s bondage affects the freedom of all.”  This knowledge caused her to seek a solution–a solution she knew reached into the depth of one’s being, and removed the carefully laid prejudices, self-imposed bigotry, distorted beliefs and superior and inferior attitudes that have dimmed the eyes of mankind and all human existence.


Dr. King’s dream is Dr. Smith’s message:  Open the book and receive it.

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