How Do You Respond to Challenges?

MamiePictureatTableDavidIt is not about life not placing challenges and roadblocks in your pathway, it’s about how you respond to them.  No one is free of human hardships, frailties and difficult times, but finding a way to use them for growth and spiritual development is the key.   When my daughter passed away in 2005, it took every ounce of mental and physical strength to regain a sense of normalcy . . .  with only memories of her to keep me balanced.  What did I do?  I turned inwardly and sought a greater understanding of the meaning of life.

Life became a compilation of thoughts infused with grace, love and divine understanding.  I knew that unless I discovered a deeper meaning of it, I was doomed to guilt, depression and grief for the rest of my human experience.  So each day, I looked for at least one tiny speck of “truth” that would defy what the errors of my physical being were imparting.  This was not easy . . . there were days, weeks and months of questions that did not seem to have answers, tears, doubt, fear and blame, but I reached for and clung to every sparkle of light that pointed the way out of the darkness.

My daughter was my life, and  . . . I realized that that had to change.  God is the only Life.  When this concept took root in my consciousness,  healing came, and the bandages of sorrow and grief unraveled, and divine Love re-clothed me with the garments of freedom.  Did I forget that she has passed away?  No!  I learned to live with the consciousness she left behind–the consciousness I knew she possessed wherever and in whatever spiritual state, she has transitioned to.  “This is deep” . . . somebody said to me.  Well, life certainly is not surface-oriented!  When we seek . . . we do find, and the doors of peace and happiness are opened to us.  Walking with Love along the way of life, gives joy-filled days–days we could never achieve on our own.

Meta Rose is my daughter’s name and she had such great outer beauty, but her inner beauty surpassed it in infinite ways


This poem sums up the thoughts that got me through the darkness into the light:  

I did not leave you behind,
Together we walk hand in hand
With a Father, both yours and mine
Who travels with us throughout the land
  Do not cry, do not weep.
I am not dead, I do not sleep,
My smile is just as fresh today
As it was the day I went away.
 My days are filled with the thoughts of God,
He is ever with me wherever I trod,
The walk is not lonely, it is not sad,
I hold the hand of my only Dad.
Written by Dr. Mamie Smith

As the months progressed into years, I developed a sense of peace, well-being, health and harmony about God, my daughter and myself. MamieSmithCover Much of this came over a 2-year period that led to my first book entitled:   The Unfolding of a Rose.

I would like to leave you with this video.  It is a summary of how I was raised above the sorrows of life, and discovered that joy comes in the morning–a morning that embraces the sunlight of truth.  Truth is defined as the spiritual nature of man–a spiritual nature in direct opposition to the human and physical conditions that the five physical senses are holding in front of your gaze.

My Version of the song

“You Raise Me Up!”