Are Independent Authors Being Paid?

booksMany independent authors are the “first to write” and the “last to be paid.”  What is meant by that statement?  As an author of three books, five ebooks and hundreds of articles, credibility is in play.  Within one month after my last book was listed on Amazon, sellers began selling “used” books.  The author wrote them and asked, “Who authorized you to sell this book?  Where did you get it?”  A few apologized and removed the book from Amazon.  Others didn’t.  Here are  some of the comments:

“Please accept our apologies for any confusion caused to you. When we advertise a book with the description “Used – like new” the item is, in fact, new and should arrive in mint condition.
We are following the market and advertising within the “Used” category as well as the “New” category. We always aim to price competitively in every market. We think we can offer customers a better offer than our competitors in the “Used” market.
I hope you find this information useful.”
“We do not carry this item in physical stock. However, it is stocked
and shipped directly by the distributors. We have removed this
I purchase this item directly from Ingram.”

To the seller who asked if the information was helpful … the answer is a resounding No! Further … the seller is lying to the consumer.  Why is truth  so elusive these days?

Ingram, the distributor gets more than 30% off the top, (paperback) and the author’s share for books sold on Amazon in many cases, is less than two dollars.  “Used” sellers on Amazon, undercut the price of the author, which makes it difficult for them to sell the books they wrote.  Ebooks can be more profitable.    An author can acquire more money if he/she lists the book at a higher price, but if the book is listed too high, it will not sell, placing the author in a “catch – 22.”

Volume is the key for all writers!  But … how many independent authors are able to sell thousands of books?  Most sell less than 100 books.  What am I saying?  Unless your purpose for writing is satisfaction, saving the world, disseminating information or some other noble cause … don’t write! 

This article is not meant to discourage, it is meant to inform.  If you love writing or whatever the reason … keep doing it.  I write because I love it!  I am certainly not getting rich!

Question: Are most independent authors paid for their work in dollars and cents!

Answer:  No!