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Jenny Deason-Copeland – Tiananmen West

Jenny Deason-Copeland is an astute researcher, author and publisher who is dedicated to truth–truth about the mind, deeds and administration of President Richard Nixon relative to many issues, inclusive of the Kent State Massacre.  Much of her life has been devoted to this truth.  In her book: Tiananmen West: Why Nixon Ordered the Kent State Massacre, facts and logic guide the reader to possible answers and conclusions.


Take a look at this book . . . you will not be bored and … you may walk away with answers that have puzzled you for decades.  It looks at Nixon as a person, the men hired to carry out his “plans” and the mysterious deaths that caused their demise.  Copeland urges you to think, examine the facts and analyze the situations surrounding them.  She gives hard data and shines a light on the so-called “unknown.”

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Jenny has not stopped with the book.  Take a look at the Press Release:

Dr. Mamie Smith delved into  Tiananmen West: Why Nixon Ordered the Kent State Massacre  on her show “Talk to the Author” with Dr. Mamie Smith and garnered the largest listening audience her show had ever had on

Grab a copy . . . keep your thought open and your mind sharp!