Do You Want a Service Plan? BLAH!


When purchasing an item, one of my pet peeves is to be asked “Do you want a service plan?”   There was a time when a person was asked such a question when they were purchasing items like appliances, lawn mowers or vacuum cleaners, now … it’s everything!  Why?  Because manufacturers and retailers have found an easy way to get money for nothing! I have found that most of those plans are not worth the paper they are printed on.  Also, how many of you know where the service agreement is on your electric knife or jewelry box?   Manufacturers count on your not “dragging out” that (in many cases) worthless, service agreement.  They collected five or six dollars from you for nothing!  Can you imagine how much money they make if a million customers pay an extra five dollars for a service plan?  5 million dollars!

To make matters worse, I am not an insurance person.  I find them most controlling.  They tell us which doctors we can go to, when to paint or put windows in our homes and what kind of car we can afford … to name a few.  Middle-class people have to settle for a certain kind of car because the insurance may not be affordable.  The list goes on.  An incident with one of my companies comes to mind.  I paid insurance on a house for over 40 years, never filed a claim, but one day I received a letter that outlined the  improvements I had to make or be canceled.  I chose to be canceled.  They were  reminded that the house was not paid for by them, and I resented being told when to make repairs.  No one spends my money but me.   Insurance coverage is a guessing game, and the companies usually win.

The day I was asked if I wanted a service  plan for a hair straightening comb, was the day I drew a line in the sand!  I knew I had to do something!  So … I began telling store clerks that I knew it was their job to ask that question, but it was very unsettling to me to be asked it because I believed the plans were a “rip-off.”  That worked for a while until one store clerk told me “You don’t have to say that!  Just say “No!”  You can imagine how much I enjoyed hearing that!  So … I decided to go to Plan B.  Now, as soon as the clerk begins ringing me up, I say, “I don’t want a service plan.”  Most look at me and smile.  Just maybe … maybe they hate asking that question as much as I hate hearing it.


Whew!  The things that cause us to make this face:

Girl Disgusted Expression

Do you know you can get insurance on a pizza?