Children: Making a Difference

Staring at the TV screen today, I saw thousands of children across the country reminding us that 19 years ago, twelve students and one teacher were killed in gun violence.  As they moved to the streets at the stroke of 10:00 am, nineteen minutes of silence accentuated the absence of each Columbine High School kid.

Children Marching Agains Guns

What did Congress do about it?  Nothing!   After Columbine, 23 children (mostly First Graders) and teachers of Sandy Hook perished with military-style weapons, followed by Pulse, San Bernardino and Parkland.  Did Congress seek to remove assault rifles from the streets of America?  No!  Why not?  They are waiting for the NRA to tell them they can!  This is a sad day in America when the people elected to govern, are afraid to do so.

However, after Parkland, youth across the country said, “Enough is enough!  If the adults do not take responsibility for ‘keeping us safe,’ we have to do it!”  And … I believe they are making a difference.

Hiding behind the Second Amendment is the norm for those guys in Washington.  They know … no one is trying to remove guns from the hands of Americans, but some people believe if they lie long enough, often enough, the lie becomes truth.   It won’t … a lie will always remain a lie.

Where are the consciousnesses of people who allow innocent children to be killed in droves and “do nothing?”  How do they sleep at night or look at themselves in the mirror?  And … to that 30% percent who support this lie . . . your day will come when the gun you “glorify” will be the element that “crucify!”

Children of America:  Show Adults of America What Humanity and Patriotism Really Mean!