Ronald Sanders Talks About What It Means To Be Handicapped



“The most important thing is that I complete my mission, the work that the Lord Jesus gave me” Acts 20: 24 (NCV).


For many years, I have wondered how to define my life’s mission as it relates to this “worldly life.”  I’m a retired police detective—retired after 24 years of service, cut short one year because of a stroke. The stroke left me with a somewhat “legible speech impediment.”  The speech impediment, along with the use of a walker, caused me to believe that my life’s mission was over as a retired police detective.


In August of 2004, a friend told me to listen to a spiritual and inspirational audio cassette tape. I listened to the tape and learned the speaker had not only a disability, but a speech impediment more impaired than mine.  Even with his speech impairment, this speaker talks to hundreds of people yearly, telling them the “Good News of Jesus!”


Because of the speaker and the above scripture, I have re-found a mission for my life. That mission is to spread the “Good News of Jesus.”  For my Christian journey and mission, I’m now giving public speaking, inspirational/spiritual and motivational presentations to stroke survivors in hospitals and churches. Also, at the same time I’m given the opportunity to spread the “Good News of Jesus,” I believe, even with my speech impediment, I’ve discovered that I can complete my mission in life…a mission GOD has given me.


Prayer:  Lord, please help and assist me to complete the mission. Amen.

Thought for the Day:

Despite a disability or handicap, anyone can complete GOD’S mission.

                                   Ronald Sanders (Farmington Hills,Michigan)                   


God bless & take care,

Ron Sanders 



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