A Child’s Reading CORNER


Reading Keeps Me Safe


“Hey Judy … STOP … see what the sign says!”


Walking to school can be fun, but you must always keep your eyes open.  Read helpful signs along the way …especially when crossing the street.  Arriving in “one piece” is a good thing!



Reading Helps Assemble My Toys

Hey! Look!  I’m making hand prints on the paper.  After I do this, I’m going to assemble all of these toys around me.  Wanna’ help?  I may need someone to help me read the directions.  I can read some things but … these directions may be a bit too difficult.  Think you can help me?




Reading Takes Me to Far-Away Places




 Wow!  I wish I could go there!  But … even if I never get there, it is good to know someone else is there and it’s a place I can dream about.  Who knows?  The dream may come true.  Learn about other countries and children who live in those countries.  I enjoy looking at the pictures on the computer, but I still have to read stuff to know what is going on.  Everybody should learn to read … Moms …Dads…and especially kids!


   Reading Makes Me Laugh



That’s funny!   I am glad we are reading this story together, Dad!  Let’s read some more to see what will happen next.