Kenya Alissa

Kenya Alissa

Kenya Aissa is a Berkeley, CA native with 30+ years working with children and families. She has won awards for teaching and writing, and is the recipient of the 2014 San Francisco Fashion Award for Best Makeup Artist. After earning a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology, she became a social worker, a professional freelance makeup artist, and, in 2016, a registered yoga teacher.

It was while employed at an adolescent residential drug rehabilitation facility in 1999 that she created a spirituality group for her caseload, all teen girls who had been diagnosed with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder. The group was borne out of a desire to understand why some girls who had experienced intense trauma seemed to have extraordinary internal struggles and mental health issues, while others did not. This group led to the creation of a “spirituality curriculum” of sorts that eventually turned into her book, “Sacred Girl: Spiritual Life Skills for Conscious Young Women.” Kenya facilitates “Sacred Girl” workshops, and continues to utilize the book in her work with adolescents, teens, and young adults.


Kenya Alissa Book

With much of the American public glued to social media and reality TV, we are aware that an alarming number of girls mature into women who are plagued with the almost requisite low self-esteem, depression, weight issues, relationship problems, and substance abuse. To make matters worse, statistics show that the problems are growing, not diminishing, with every generation of women. Faced with today’s challenges, it has become more important than ever for girls to look within themselves for spiritual renewal, strength, and comfort. Sacred Girl: Spiritual Life Skills For Conscious Young Women will be the first book to combine straight talk, humor, and true stories to stress not only the importance of spiritual self-reliance, but also the high risks involved in leaving one’s spiritual well-being to chance.




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