Ron Sanders

Written by Ron Sanders


As a retired homicide detective who suffered a severe stroke, I have tried to convey to physically challenged Upper Room meditation readers that life is not over because it dealt you a physical challenge. My motto has been for years: Never place a period in your life, where God has placed a comma.  This motto propelled me to get married, observe two grandchildren graduate from high school and witness the birth of six additional grandchildren, twenty-five years after suffering “the stroke.”  It is referred to as “the stroke” because I have never claimed it as “my stroke.”  But … let me stop talking about me, this article is about you!

What does it mean to never place a period in your life where God has placed a comma?  It means demonstrating that life is a continuous process: using moments to “smell the roses “of determination, climb mountaintops of human challenges, learn lessons of emotional, mental and physical hardships and love with kindness, patience and joy.   When your pathway is covered with roadblocks, sticky briars and thorns, pause… take a breath …and begin the journey again.  Don’t allow the “periods in life” to deter your mission, move you off the mark and point you in a direction of disappointment and failure.  The human experience should be one of growth and progression, not stagnation.

May 22, 2018, marked twenty-five years since I suffered that debilitating stroke, but many motivational/inspirational speeches have been given about the good news of Jesus Christ, including an authored and published book entitled CONCERNED, BUT NOT CONSUMED, OVERCOMING CHALLENGES and construction of the website,


PLEASE do not see this as bragging, but as an attempt to show how God has only placed a COMMA in my life, not a PERIOD!

To every physically challenged person reading this meditation update, let me close with a statement told to me by someone else: “Book and stroke don’t go together.”

Response: “With Jesus Christ, all things are possible.”