As many Americans watched the two men dressed in dark suits take the stage at the Helsinki Summit, it became increasingly unclear which one was President of the United States.  We watched in horror as President Donald Trump chose to accept the accounting of President Putin’s version of whether or not the 2016 Elections of America had been hacked into over his own intelligence agency—an intelligence agency with a superbly detailed analysis: listing names, places and “how tos.”  The US President offered no basis for accepting Mr. Putin’s version other than “Mr. Putin said.”  Millions of Americans asked themselves “When does a person’s word with no proof (even Jesus Christ proved his words with actions), carry more credence than overwhelming documentation and proof?  A phrase coined by many, explain it this way, “It’s when you live in Trump world!”


What does that mean?  It dates back over ten to fifteen years ago when Donald Trump refused to accept DNA that proved five young black Americans had nothing to do with the murder of a person in Central Park in New York but, had been

convicted and sentenced erroneously, and when President Barack Obama (in an effort to close the mouth of liars) produced his birth certificate revealing his birth place, that Donald Trump continued to say he was not a US citizen.  It continued to occur as we watched Candidate Donald Trump ridicule and tell untruths on fellow Republicans seeking the presidential nomination of the Republican Party and elevated more as he berated and name-called President Nominee Hillary Clinton of the Democratic Party.  If one thought it would end after he became President, sadly he was mistaken, it only skyrocketed … attacking the news media as “fake news,” ridiculing and handing out untruths on the Justice Department, FBI and any other person or organization that did not agree with him, (as revealed by numerous documents).  Americans, who chose to open their eyes, watched as he made one statement one hour, day or week, and then made the opposite of it later.  We stood by as his administration chose one individual after another to fill positions but, who later had to re-sign under clouds of corruption, charges of lying, money laundering and many more…  Many hearts were broken as his administration reportedly, ripped babies out of the arms of mothers and fathers, placed people in make-shift jails and cages, had two and three-year-old babies appearing in court with lawyers, to defend why they were in this country.  Can you imagine such a thing?  We saw pictures of children crying and wondering why their parents had deserted them and left them with strangers.  Who are we?  What have we become?

To some Americans, all of the above horrors of man’s inhumanity to man seemed justified, until they watched our President put Putin first and America last in Helsinki!  They could no longer pretend or run away from what they knew was true.  Even their own racism, bigotry and gender discrimination could not deny how our President was failing America!  They had to speak out!  Unfortunately however, 42% cling to lies and deceit as though they were a lifeline in a treacherous ocean wave.

Speaking out and backing it with actions, have not meshed with a Republican held Congress.  They appear afraid to do what any logical thinking person knows  must be done …remove our president from office.  Fortunately. Over 5 million Americans have documented this desire for impeachment proceedings with their signatures.  When will Republicans act?  Are we to allow 42% of Americans to jeopardize our safety in the world, raise prices on goods we need because of ill-responsible tariffs initiated by our president, take away health insurance for the poor, place a person on the Supreme Court whose record indicates a criminal can hold the highest office in the country and run havoc on most of our institutions?  Are we mesmerized by fear and prejudice?  Who are we?  When will we realize that the only “fake news” is what mostly comes out of our president’s mouth?   To the 58% of Americans … vote next Tuesday … speak out … march across America … listen to the facts, not lies … realize we are a nation under God … for the people and by the people!

These kids know what it means to come together as one.