A Day in History – Dr. Kenneth Clark

 Dr. Kenneth Clark


Dr. Kenneth Clark:  Who is he?  This article will give sparse information but will serve as a guide to more.


Clark spent years studying race relations in America.  He is known for his research on the “doll study,” which was crucial to the desegregation of public schools in America, more specifically, his involvement with the 1954 Brown v. Board of Education US Supreme Court desegregation case where he was asked by attorneys to present his work on the effects of segregation on children.


During the 1967 race riots, Dr. Clark was called as an expert witness by the National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders, an organization formed by President Lyndon Johnson.


In1962, he founded Harlem Youth Opportunities Unlimited, an organization that aided youth in educational development and job opportunities.


Books written by Dr. Clark are:

  • Prejudices and Your Child
  • Dark Ghetto
  • The Negro and the American Promise
  •  Pathos of Power.