America’s People – Poem


The world watches from afar,

America’s values become ajar,

It laughs, applauds and seems surprised

The country’s division is on the rise.


It understates the people’s voice

To foster courage to make a choice,

The rule of law is very visible

When leaders make the wrong decision. 


Honor, integrity and faith still stand

As Americans unite to lend a hand,

We’re a nation under God,

On holy ground we all still trod.


Varied colors make the red, white and blue,

All have a stake in it just like you,

Through peaks and valleys Americans walk together,

Through fires, earthquakes and stormy weather,


The heart of America is open to all,

Never separated or defined by a wall,

America, America, let freedom ring,

With a song of equality … we all can sing.

Written by Dr. Mamie Smith