Are President Donald Trump and Republican Policies Racist and Are They Destroying the Lives of Poor Whites and People of Color?

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Are President Donald Trump and Republican Policies Racist and Are They Destroying the Lives of Poor Whites and People of Color?

A recent poll of Americans, both Republicans and Democrats, believe President Trump is a racist.  Most African Americans have believed him to be racist for several years—years prior to and during the Obama Administration, on the campaign trail and as President.  How did these Americans arrive at such a conclusion?  Answer: Not only by what he says … but also by what he does!

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Let’s look at some of the words and policies the Trump Administration and Republicans have eliminated, put forth and are initiating.

  • Claiming widespread voter fraud, the Presidential Advisory Commission chaired by Vice President Pence, was formed by the Trump Administration to investigate and study voter fraud allegations, while studies reveal most voter fraud results from clerical errors and averages only 0.0003 to 0.0025 percent in elections.
  • Seeks to limit the civil rights by severely cutting the staff while holding up white supremacists and Nazis as “good people.” Republicans take no action.
  • Cut an additional 21 million dollars from the budget of tribal law enforcement, while pardoning Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who was found guilty of criminal contempt for disregarding a court order eliminating his practice of racial-profiling.
  • Refuses to aid civil rights groups in fighting voter ID laws in some states, believed by many as an effort to disenfranchise people of color. Republicans take no action.
  • Seeks to dismantle the Affordable Care Act designed to aid those who cannot pay for medical insurance—namely the poor and middle class. Republicans agree.
  • Implemented immigration policies that inhumanely separate children from their parents. Republicans take no action.
  • Increased the privatization of prisons which aids big businesses.
  • Seeks to freeze Pell Grant awards for many college-bound students.
  • Diverts funds allocated for affirmative action programs.
  • Is unwilling to uphold consent decrees between cities and the Department of Justice that seek to eliminate unconstitutional policing practices.
  • Gave a generous tax cuts to the wealthiest people in this country, while overwhelmingly increasing the deficit—a deficit that will be borne on the backs of the poor and middle class. Republicans helped get it passed.
  • Attorney General Sessions is covertly destroying the lives of people of color and “raping them” of their civil rights by rolling back hard-fought policies that have made their lives better. Republicans take no action.

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These are just a few of the policies that the Republicans and the Trump Administration have placed, or are putting in place, and it does not take a genius to figure out that most of these policies hurt poor white people—many of the self-proclaimed Trump voters and people viewed as “different.”  As one wrestles with these policies, the questions become, “Why do the rich seek to deprive the poorest of the poor and those who have the least resources to fight for themselves, of very basic necessities?”  Are they consumed with fear, greed, immorality or power?  Is it a matter of control?  Do they believe it is Christian to devalue another person?  What is it?  Where is the justice and equality in this, or do they have zero compassion for people considered to be “less than” in some way?

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Many rationalize such behavior by saying, “You know, the wealthy give a lot to communities and the poor.”  Yes…they do, and should be commended for that (a tax deduction also looks good), but… most “poor people” and people of color choose to make it on their own?  They only ask to be free of discriminatory policies and practices inflicted on them.  African Americans have long been berated and denounced as “lazy, living on welfare, and only desire others to take care of them.”  A small segment of blacks and poor whites may demonstrate such a mentality, but the majority do not!  This is a myth, designed to justify greed, cruelty, self-imposed power and man’s inhumanity to man.

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Let’s look at words made by President Trump that many deem racist:

  • Refers to people crossing the border from Mexico as “animals.” Says, “These animals are crazy and must be dealt with through toughness and strength.”
  • Calls NFL players exercising their constitutional rights to peacefully protest the deaths of “people of color” at the hands of over-zealous policemen, and … nothing done about it, “sons-of-bitches!”
  • Called countries like Haiti, El Salvador and African countries “shithole countries” and named European countries as places people should migrate to America. His policies sought to keep the so-called “shithole” countries from coming to America–people of color.
  • Indicated a federal judge who ruled against some of his policies, did so because he was of Mexican heritage by saying, “Now this judge is of Mexican heritage, I’m building a wall.”
  • For many years, claimed President Barack Obama, the first black president, was not a citizen of the United States, yet, offered absolutely no proof of such absurdity.
  • Defends the actions of Nazis and Ku Klux Klan members as “good people.”
  • Belittles and demeans Lebron James, a well-respected basketball player, stating, “the dumbest man on television” (Don Lemon) “made Lebron look smart.”
  • Stated Congresswoman Maxine Waters has an “extra-ordinarily low I.Q.”
  • Called Omarosa Mamgault a “dog” and a “crazed, crying low life.”

Did you expect your President to use this kind of language when you elected him?  Are you proud of him?  If you agree with him, what motivates these feelings?  Are you sure you have examined your thoughts as the man called Jesus would have, or   are you staring into the mirror of self-love, self-justification and self-motivation?

  Moving on … gratitude and respect applaud the over 60% of Americans who have shown they are better than the Republican and Trump agenda, and are proving it by running for offices, voicing disapproval and voting for candidates that do not align themselves with what many refer to as The Party of Trump.

America is great because its people are great!  Greatness is not marked by greed, separation, racism, bigotry and hatred.  Our respect for one another surpasses race, color, gender, religion and sexual orientation, and embraces freedom, equality, morality and justice for all.  We know that America is not land, water, buildings, money and human power.  It is people led by grace, motivated by faith, guided by principle and refreshed by love.  The darkness of the Trump and Republican Era will pass into a new generation of people not separated by Party, but energized by lawfulness, galvanized by impartiality, and governed by honesty, honor and integrity.   We stand as a beacon of hope, progression with the resolve of determination and freedom with the sword of truth.  Yes …we still believe “truth is truth,” even if some Republicans do not!






  1. Thank you for putting all this together. I’m confused by people who don’t see Trump for who he really is. I guess sometimes people need to see it in black and white before they can process the truth.


    1. Thanks for your response. You are welcome! Honesty and integrity are key factors in getting truth revealed. The wheels of justice turn slowly, but ultimately, truth will be triumphant.


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