An American Story: My Family and Yours



After many years of research that involved delving into books and soul, I finally finished “An American Story: My Family and Yours.”  If your ancestral history reaches into the Ferguson and Dotson family, you are part of this book, even though your name is not mentioned.  If you are not part of these families, you are part of the American and world family.

The author’s family walks the reader through what it means to face insurmountable challenges but, realize that solutions are always at hand… if you are determined to acquire them.  Faith, courage and patience alone win the prize!

If you desire a copy of the book, here’s how to get it:

  1. If you are computer savvy, use your cell phone to go on the internet and access:, use a credit card to order it at a cost of $16.95, plus shipping.  You should receive it within ten days.  You can also use the computer at your local library.
  2. Go to your favorite “barnes and noble” book store and ask them to order it for you at the same price and shipping.  Book name: An American Story: My Family and Yours; Author: Dr. Mamie Smith; ISBN Number: ISBN-13: 978-1634928830.
  3. You may also get a kindle and paper copy from Amazon.

Receive the inner freedom, strength and joy the book will make you feel!

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