We Run…We Hide…We Weep…We Bury Our Dead!

There is one item missing… let’s repeat the title again.  We run…we hide… we weep… we bury our dead … but we do nothing to change our gun laws.  As we stare at the television screens, listen to the “pop pop pop” of guns, even before we see the results, we know what will happen.  Blood will be shed, lives will be lost, love ones will weep, the nation will wonder again… when will it all end?  What do we have to do to make it better?  We can know…we are not helpless!   There is a solution, but so far, our leaders have not chosen to use it.  For every act of evil, there are numerous acts of kindness.  For every person who breaks the law, there are numerous people who obey the law.  All violence will not be prevented until the “human man” becomes the “spiritual man,” but we can lessen the carnage, and there is no intelligent reason for not doing so.  We can make a difference.  We can…we can! 


Why are we so reluctant to change the way we sell our guns, the people we sell them to and the type of guns we allow on the streets?  The rationale used for doing “nothing,” pales in the light of human suffering.  Many of the lives lost, are our youth.  Have you lost your child to gun violence, or just lost your child period?  There is no pain like that pain! 



What kind of mind finds satisfaction in killing innocent people and what kind of mind makes excuses for it doing so?  Both are sick—expressing one or more of these emotions: hate, fear, bitterness, power, greed and a heart made of stone.  One Congresswoman was asked about the last murders in California and what the nation can do about them.  She replied, “We can uphold our Second Amendment.”  We all know she had reference to “the right of an individual to bear arms.”  All I could do was stare at the TV and shake my head in sorrow and shame—shame for a mind that was saying, “To hell with the 12 people murdered and the many ones injured in the massacre… as long as I have a right to bear arms.”  Unfortunately, that is the feeling of too many people in this country.  The greatest “wrong” the Supreme Court Justices did to the protection of its populace from the human carnage we are experiencing today, was to weaken the Second Amendment.  I hope the justices are able to live with themselves…


This article will be very short because the writer has written about gun violence for many years.  Why?  Because where there is faith, there is hope.  Now…there is nothing else to say …except to those who have lost loved ones:


I feel you pain, I hear your cry

As you kiss your loved ones and say goodbye.

If I could, I’d bring them back

That’s not a lie, that’s a fact.

One day, you’ll see them again,

I know that’s little to ease the pain.

Now…know there’s a God on high

Who ultimately will hear your cry,

And take away the pain and sorrow,

If not today …then tomorrow.

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