A Day in History – Misty Danielle Copeland

                            Ballet Dancer Misty Danielle Copeland



Misty Danielle Copeland is the first African American to become principal dancer for American Ballet Theatre.  Even though her study of ballet began at an age many may consider late (age 13), Misty was a child prodigy, winning the Los Angeles Music Center Spotlight Award at age 15.


Becoming a member of the American Ballet Theatre in 2000, soloist in 2007 and a contemporary, sophisticated dancer in 2015, Copeland was well on her way to professional stardom.  Additionally, she is a public speaker, author of two (2) books and narrator of a documentary.  Ms. Copeland was born in Kansas City, Missouri in 1982 and currently resides in Manhattan, New York.  To get a glimpse of her artistic stardom, view the Youtube video here.

Misty Danielle Copeland…our lady in “A Day in History.”