Why Your Child Should Hear Children Stories


As a kid growing up and trying to understand the world around me, nursery rhymes and children stories pointed toward moral and societal values.  Since my parents were not into reading bedtime stories, it was not until I reached the age of five or six and learned to read myself, that this direction took root.


At nine or ten years old, not only did I read children stories for myself, but for younger siblings as well.  Stories like Cinderella, The Three Little Pigs, The Ugly Duckling, Alice in Wonderland, The Tale of Peter Rabbit peaked our interest and motivated our actions.  What does a kid learn from these stories?  Three words…sound moral values…but it was not until adulthood that I learned values have no color, race, ethnicity, gender nor religion.  A sense of right comes from within…deep within a consciousness hidden from day-to-day activities marked and judged by sensual observation.


Cinderella revealed patience—patience, even when mistreatment and ridicule were evident…showing that truth ultimately overcomes error.  The Ugly Duckling uncovered true beauty—beauty reaching far beyond that which is external, and The Tale of Peter Rabbit teaches a lesson in obedience.  Had Peter obeyed his mother’s advice and stayed clear of Mister McGregor’s garden, he would not have experienced the fear, anxiety and treacherous experiences that he did.  How many times have you followed the path of Peter, faced troublesome results and longed for the safety of your parent’s home or the comfort of their arms?  “I wish I had…” becoming a theme that played over and over in your mind.


Children stories, selected with care and a sense of fairness, equality and justice, unrestricted, instill lessons that govern and guide…even when one strays into troublesome pathways and turbulent waters.  So…trot over to this link and check-out some good ol’ stories for your kids.