I caught the tail-end of a conversation by a well-respected, religious world leader, and was astounded that she promoted “anger” as being a motivating factor for good!  She also high-lighted Jesus as her highest source for promoting good.  I reached out to her (via the TV) immediately saying anger never produces good.  In fact, it prevents good!  Goodness stems from “good thoughts,” and anger yields disturbed thoughts, activated by human emotions.  Divine intelligence is neither emotional, nor agitated.

Jesus Preaching to His Disciples


In the vernacular of today, Jesus was the “coolest dude” who ever walked among humans.  Speaking out against evil, he emphasized “love over hate, peace over violence, joy over sorrow, and truth over error.”  Defining “anger,” one sees words like rage, fury, irritation, exasperate, provoke and “make my blood boil.”  Do you see Jesus as approaching God, his Father (also yours and my Father) enraged with fury, seeking a solution to a human problem?  Do you see him as using anger instead of love to solve a problem?  He said in the face of error, “Father, forgive them, they know not what they do?”  Anger may have said, “Father, destroy them for trying to kill your son.  They are evil…let your wrath reign upon them!”


Anger precludes anything resulting in good.  One cannot have anger and good thoughts in the same place.  There must be one or the other…you know…the “sweet water and bitter water coming from the same fountain” thing.  If one is experiencing anger, he is denying himself of peace and tranquility.  Peace comes from stillness of thought, not enraged, undisciplined thought.


One may ask, “How can you express warmth and kindness when someone is doing the evilest things that can be thought of to you?”  Answer:  You lift thinking above the evil, focus on the man defined in Genesis 1: 27, the man “made in the image and likeness of God.”  That man is never evil… such action elevates thinking, brings it in line with Truth, and answers emerge that remedy the situation harmoniously.  Wishful thinking you say…no… it’s experienced thinking—thinking employed by the man Jesus.  How do you think he overcame death and the grave?  It was not with thoughts of anger, but thoughts of love.  Some of my most trying and hurtful experiences have been replaced with wonderful experiences… when during those experiences, I fought hard and overcame anger and bitterness.  We do good to save ourselves, not the other person, and in the process, harmony is restored.  Each person must “work out his own salvation.”


Joy and peace come in the morning—a morning of stillness of thought, calm resolve, tenderness and compassion.  The writer realizes these qualities seem to be very scarce in the world we live in today, but is not that what is wrong with the world today?  Is that not why wars are fought, storms and tornadoes roam the earth and humans are liars and promoters of hate and destruction?  Let truth and love return to the earth, and we will witness a kinder mankind …and a more peaceful universe.


Written by Dr. Mamie Smith