Work daily to gain an understanding of God and the man he created.  What is meant by that statement?  Most of us think God and Jesus are the same…they are not.  Jesus maintained his “oneness with God” by keeping the manifestation of God uppermost in his thought on a daily basis.  Angel messages from God were present with him at all times.  When evil presented itself to him, he counteracted it with God’s thoughts and destroyed it mentally.  In most instances, harmony was restored to the current situation.  See God as the only Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth and Love.  Read Bible citations on all of these synonyms of God and other spiritual ideas.



      Discover your true identity.  This is highly essential…knowing who you are determines how you deal with life situations.  True identity is based in the Scriptures:  Genesis 1:27. “God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.”  That verse has been misunderstood for centuries.  The greatest fallacy is the belief that God is made in the image of man—of humans.  If that were so, God would be human, but the Bible speaks of God as being Spirit, thus man made in his image, has to be spiritual, not flesh and blood.

Read that verse over and over with new thoughts and allow angel messages to lead you to revelation.



   Seek daily to express qualities like love, kindness, peacefulness, joy, responsibility, discipline, gratitude, hope, faith, true beauty and spiritual understanding.  When something is said or done to you, seek to see only the man God created.  The person being unkind to you is not that person, but you must strive to see only a spiritual man.



   Change the way you define “health.”  Health is a divine state of Mind.  It’s mental, not physical.  It says, “If you keep your mind filled with good thoughts, the body will follow, because mind controls body, not the other way around.  Stop listening to your body, and listen to angel messages coming from God.  One woman once said, “Rise in the strength of truth!”



      Pills don’t heal!  Surgery does not increase health!  I know this is different from what the medical world parades in front of you daily, sometimes several times hourly, but that is only a human way of understanding health.  True health comes from purification of thought—emptying it of false beliefs and thoughts.



      Check constantly and challenge the thoughts that seek to fill your consciousness—thoughts that are destructive, criticism that does no one any good, lies, bullying, cheating, stealing, superiority, inferiority, bigotry and all the evil et ceteras.  It is these thoughts that produce the ills your body suffers from, because the body is controlled by the mind—mortal mind.  Therefore, to prevent disease, mortal thinking has to be replaced with immortal thinking.  What is immortal thinking?  As stated above, thoughts that tell us every man is made in the “image and likeness of God.”  Money, power, prestige, race, ethnicity, religion and sexual orientation do not define God’s man.  That man is defined by kindness, unconditional love, equality, joy, peace, spiritual thoughts and all of the divine qualities man is created with.



      Recognize that human existence is a journey—a journey that is achieved step-by-step, so patience, faith, hope and long suffering are key character traits that must be demonstrated as we travel the journey.  Most of us will not achieve perfection in this life, progression is essential because it is the law of God.  If progression is lacking, you are not in harmony with divine Law.  Sin brings suffering, so in order to alleviate suffering…cease sinning.

Follow these steps and begin the journey of maintaining a healthy body.