WALMART’S FOOD: A Health Risk?

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 During one visit, the desire to have fried catfish was overwhelming!  So, it was decided “the King” was a place to get it.  Collecting several of Walmart’s $5 videos, a few toiletries, a package of catfish landed in the buggy also.  Arriving at home a few minutes later and craving for a piece of catfish, the package was hastily opened.  Wow!  The stench was over-powering!  Since time was limited and filling the car with such a foul odor did not seem an option, the fish was thrown away and not returned to Walmart.  The first inclination was to think the incident was a fluke.

A Good Representation of Kroger’s Melon


However, a few days ago while visiting that same vacation home, a watermelon was purchased from Kroger by a friend.   It was perfect—sweet, fresh and sumptuous!  Since we enjoyed it so-o-o much, why not have a repeat experience? We did… but this time, we were at King Walmart to get the melon.  Approaching a large case of watermelons, several were given the “Daddy taught thump.”  Finding one that met the “sound test,” a purchase was made.


As it was sliced open with the carving knife, memories of the last “eating” filled thought. . .  “Yuck!”  One-fourth of it was decaying and the other three-fourths was slimy.  Feeding the melon to the garbage-disposer, it became clear something was going on with the food at Walmart.  This was later confirmed during a discussion, when others said they had had problems with Walmart’s food.


Good Representation of Walmart’s Melon


Think back…have you purchased food there and had to return or throw it away?  Or…upon eating it, discovered it was not fresh.  “Low prices” should not equate to “low quality.”  Your health is at risk!  It is also a matter of whether or not a business has respect for humanity.  Why would a company sell decaying food to other human beings because “check and balance laws” are not being enforced?  One wonders if the Food and Drug Administration is doing its job!  But, where is the sense of right for a business?  Should we do right because we fear or because we honor?  I vote for “honor, integrity, lawfulness and all similar et ceteras…

However, for now…maybe we should stick with Kroger!