How Many Americans Have to Die?


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This article is speaking to caring Americans…we have to fight ourselves, because many of the people we have put in office will not.  Who are they? 

First, we have a President inciting and sanctioning racial, ethnic and religious hatred in this country, Senate Leader Mitch McConnell refusing to bring the bill the House has passed that seeks to curb gun violence to the floor, and scared Republicans afraid to vote on it if he did!

We are in a crisis America!  We are at war!   Innocent old people, young people and babies are dying, and our lawmakers do nothing!  How can they live with themselves?  Who are they? What has to happen before they act?  I ask each one of them, if you have a conscious. . . do the right thing.  Look at yourself in the mirror, and make sure your heart likes what you see!  

We cry…we bury our dead… we pray.  Let’s talk about prayer.  It is a call to action!  It connects us to divine laws, that place thoughts in our consciousness as to what should be done to dissolve the human situation we find ourselves in.  Praying and not heeding the direction given, is hypocritical.  We need to stop “hiding behind” religion and follow spirituality.  They are not the same!

Religion is a set of human laws and doctrine that one person or a group of people espouse.  Spirituality is divine messages that come from God through the presence of the Christ.  The Christ never leaves us in the place it found us.  Listening to these messages and following their directions solve human problems.  Hearing and “not doing,” solves nothing.

What is the Christ?  It is the divine manifestation of God that speaks to the human consciousness, and destroys all evil.  The  key is to let go of human thoughts and actions, focus on the divine messages and follow their guidance.  They never lead in the wrong direction.

Do I believe in the power of prayer? Yes!  But I do not believe prayer is governed by fear, cowardice and serving an idol god (greed, NRA, President Trump, politics).  Prayer comes from the mouth of God…and it opens thought to righteousness, helps us map out a plan of action, and demands we follow it.  If we take the first step, keep praying, we find the second step, the fourth and so on, until the problem disappears.

What is happenings with our “prayers” in America now?  They are falling on deaf ears because no action comes from them.  Every person who cares about this country and its people, has a duty and an obligation to pray and follow through with action…whatever that may be.   I am not here to tell you what you hear, only God can do that.  I am saying, make sure you are “at one with God,” honestly and spiritually seek help, listen intensely to that help, and follow it with your spiritual sense.  Lying to oneself, and following human will, keep us where we are today…in the most violent country in the western world!

I applaud the demonstrators, the parents and community leaders who voice their thoughts in Congress and the children whose voices ring out!  Now…we must fight in every way God directs…all of us…spiritual leaders (notice the word is “spiritual” not “religious” leaders) and listen to the messages and obey.  We all have a role to play.   Together…we will win!

Following the Word of God, “Violence shall no more be heard in thy land, wasting nor destruction within thy borders, but thou shall call thy walls Salvation, and thy gates Praise (Isaiah 60: 18).