God Sent by Rafa Don

God Sent by Rafa Don, is a single in the Hip Hop/Rap genre that reveals the transformation of rap music from what many perceived as inner city, subculture music by African Americans, to the  respected genre it is today–a musical entity that has found its way into mainstream pop. God Sent went a step further and labeled its secondary category as Christian/Gospel.   The lyrics suggest faith, determination and an awareness of the origin of true goodness.  It is simply saying, “All goodness comes from God.” 

God Sent  can be found in places like Amazon, Spotify, Youtube  and the artist’s website @ http://makewayent.com.

At times, have you ever felt the world is swirling around you, moving at a pace difficult to reconcile?   God Sent encourages slowing the pace, embracing the natural elements of life and gaining an inner peace.

Originally, four key elements defined rap music: chanting rhythmically, scratching with turntables, break dancing and graffiti writing.   God Sent represents two of those: chanting rhythmically and DJ turntables.  So…walk over to one of the websites listed above and let this single be a “God Sent” for you.