Thoughts That Make You Think More…

Thoughts of Reflection

In many of the articles this magazine has published, the question is asked, “Who are we as a nation?”

Answer: We are a nation of native Americans and immigrants–red, white, black, yellow and brown–each having built this country through many generations, shaped its values and established its laws.  We know who we are, and no one will deter us from that identity.  However, our current administration is seeking to regress–tell us we are someone else, define us as one group of people having supremacy over everyone else.  This is the time you must put your thinking cap on… How do you define yourself?  How do you define everyone else?  Are you “more than” or “less than” the other groups?  Remember…you are… what you believe. 

If, after honestly answering those questions, and the answers invade your comfort level, begin the process of changing what you believe.   Have dialogue  with people you do not understand, ask questions that need to be asked, and root out long held prejudices about others.  Pretending “everything is alright,” when you know it isn’t, is one of the worst kinds of dishonesty.

Thinking Cap 1

Is anger an admirable quality?

Anger is neither an admirable nor spiritual quality, and can never achieve good. People who think it can, are “barking up the wrong tree.” Wow! That’s a phrase I learned as a kid and have not used in a while. Here are a couple of reasons why:

Anger is emotional and diminishes one’s ability to think rationally.
Anger motivates and causes violence.

Anyone using it for any reason, is promoting negativism and violence. It saddens the rational thinking populace of this country that we have elected a President who does not understand that. Unless we make a change, America will suffer greatly for the seeds this person is sowing!