Why I Will Not Shop at Lowes

Question:  Does Lowes’s Corporate Policy Satisfy Contractors or Customers ?

After shopping with Lowes for many years and purchasing lots of items including but not limited to: cabinets, paint, numerous tools, installing a laminate floor, and two outside doors on income property, a decision was made to replace the carpet on steps, hallway and two rooms with hardwood in my home.

After visiting the Rochester, MI store and purchasing a sample of hardwood, a call was made to have a contractor from Lowes measure the spaces to be replaced.  Upon arrival, the contractor stated that hardwood could not be placed on my 13-step staircase in the foyer because the bottom step was curved and also because the bird cage banisters were metal and could not be removed or worked around.  When asked to measure the family room floor, he stamped on top of it and stated concrete was under the carpet, therefore hardwood could not be placed there…only laminate.  The hall leading from the thirteen steps could not have hardwood either according to him , because there is a bird cage banister at the top of the stairs.  After politely letting him know he was totally “screwing up” my plans, no further conversation was made.  He measured what he chose that could be “worked with” by Lowes and left my house.  I was thoroughly disappointed!

However, when the store called to consummate the purchase, I asked to speak with someone in management because of my dissatisfaction with the contractor’s assessment.  Reluctantly, a promise to have someone call me was made.  That did not happen for 3 to 4 days.  So…a call was placed to Corporate Customer Care for a resolution.


Within two hours, the Manager of Floors Joe Valic from the Rochester store ( I was told the store manager would call) called and stated:

It is Lowes’ corporate policy not to install hardwood or laminate on curved
steps, inserted birdcage banisters in homes because their contractors are
“uncomfortable” doing that.  The contractors feel it will cause a problem
for the homeowner.  Never mind what the homeowner desires.

When told “It seems to me you are seeking to please your contractors whom you pay, and not the customer who pays you,” he responded, “No, he was just trying to find a satisfactory solution for everybody.”  Response:  “Your solution seems only to satisfy the contractor, not me.”  He had no response.

A request was made to have the THIRTY FIVE DOLLAR ($35.00) measurement fee refunded because nothing could come from that measurement.  That was agreed to by Mr. Valic.  I have not received it to date…


Homeowner Decision:  Since Lowes desires to please its contractors over its customers, this customer will take her business elsewhere …never again to allow another Lowes’ store to decide what should be placed in her home.