An American Story: My Family and Yours – Author: Dr. Mamie Smith


What is the book about?

An American Story: My Family and Yours is a template, using myself and my family to reveal the impact slavery has had on America, not just to African Americans, but to whites as well.

It is not only an American story, but a worldwide story—a story that shares the emotions, fears, experiences and challenges every family in the human race can relate to.  It underlines the idea, that a human problem is a world problem because the world suffers from it in some way—sometimes visible and sometimes invisible

It begins on the 1620’s and brings us to today, uncovering deeply-rooted feelings and beliefs that cause one group of people to feel “more than,” and another to feel “less than”—feelings most of us do not understand, nor want to talk about. Why do we feel that way?  Two words: guilt and shame.

The book operates on the premise that “We are what we believe.”  For over 250 years, people of color have been demoralized with claims that “We are not as intelligent as whites,” Most of us don’t want to work”, and even the Bible says, “God never intended us to be equal to whites.”  These are biases that have been handed down from generations to generations and deep down, many people actually believe them!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Author:  Dr. Mamie Smith

An American Story: My Family and Yours, recognizes that these biases are deep, mental, destructive patterns of thought, that cling to and guide our behaviors.  Layers and layers of human, corrective, theories and practices have been tried, but as we see today in this country, the sleeping giant is awakened when one side ventured too far above what the other side considers tolerable.  Because of economic reasons, blacks always get the short end of the stick!  The power structure is white, and it sets the polices, laws and social norms.

What one does not seem to acknowledge, is that total healing will never take place using human concepts and practices.  The foundation of all healing is spiritual understanding—understanding that begins with true self-identification, and identification is rooted in “man made in the image and likeness of God.”  That man is neither black, white, green or yellow, he is spiritual.  Spirituality is goodness, perfection, justice, faith, hope, righteousness and inner beauty…to name a few.  With these embedded in consciousness, there is no room for hate, superiority, inferiority, injustice, inequality and fear.  Again, we are what we believe!

So…the book gives many examples of power, greed and racism, and explaining how it made one feel at the time it occurred.  Honesty is the key!

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