CD: You Raise Me Up! – Classical Version by Dr. Mamie Smith

Be Lifted Up

Dr. Mamie Smith


There are many things that lift human beings up…people, movies, books, historical figures, songs.  It was a song that caused this lady to lift herself out of senior mentality and record a CD.  It was a mentality that said “Your singing days are over. Be happy and content with the years you were able to light a spark in someone’s heart with a song, but now… it’s time to move on!”  She embraced that idea until a saxophonist coerced her out of that mentality and led her to a recording studio.  What did she do?


She recorded a song she had loved the moment she heard it sung on the Oprah Show by a young man named Josh Groban.  The song: You Raise Me Up.”  As she listened, her eyes filled with tears, her heart swelled with humility and she was lifted above the human realm of thought and connected with a deep sense of contentment and joy.  After years of singing the song for self-fulfillment, the latter part of 2019 saw her applying that musical ability to record a classical version of the song.  She does not have any idea how audiences who decide to request the CD or download it on their cell phones, will react to her rendition of the song, but then…is it really about the number of CDs and downloads purchased? Or about her being lifted up, raised above a “has been” attitude to sharing…encouraging and desiring to lead someone…anyone…to a place of comfort and the solemn recognition that, “Everything’s going to be alright?”


A deeper sense of success, is knowing someone’s life has been impacted positively by something you said or did.  Each experience moves a person one step closer to the ultimate of giving.  As the Christmas season approaches, let the Christ guide you to peace on earth, silence of politics and softening of spirit.  Pause…genuinely look at the person standing beside you through the lenses of love, and with the telescope of unity.  Just maybe…your tomorrow will be uplifted!


In January 2020, Saxville Avenue Record Label released “You Raise Me Up,” sung by Dr. Mamie Smith.  It appears on Amazon, Apple and numerous downloads for $.99, but can be purchased as a CD now for $5.00 by contacting or calling 248 828-4316.


“It is not about the number of years one has lived…it’s about the number of lives one has graced by living.”



Dr. Smith is a recording artist, produced by Saxophonist Duane Parham and Vocalist Pat Lewis.