It’s OK, Because EVERYBODY Does It!


“It’s OK.. Everybody Does it!”  How many times have you heard that expression?  Did you follow it, or did you follow your conscience?  Too often, people do the thing everybody is doing, even when uncomfortable doing it.  Watching a movie recently, that “follow everybody” played out in many instances.  However, the leader of the pack was a powerful woman at the head of the most popular magazine in the world.  People laid out the ‘red carpet’ wherever she went!  She ruled the company with an iron fist, was rude, downright nasty and was feared by everyone.  The name “dragon lady” did not match her attitude.  When she spoke, her tone was quiet, decisive with an undertone that said, “Cross me, and you will pay dearly.”  She had no respect or care for anyone except herself.  Even her family’s needs had no choice but to compliment her needs.  Stabbing a friend in the back to advance her drive and mad ambition, took a back seat to fair play and morality.  The movie impelled me to look at America and the values we espouse.


Cowardice makes some hear, see and sometimes even revel in the lies, deceit and cruelty of powerful people.



It is rationalized with “It’s not personal, it’s just business” or “That’s just politics!”  Still, there are those who justify what they see because it is the mantra they live by.  So, it’s normal!  Money, prestige and power are the motivating factors.

Ministers misquote the Bible because they live by man’s principles and do not understand divine Principle.  Parents let their children “off the hook” because other parents do the same and who are they to “be different?”  Children yell, scream and disrespect them, and it is tolerated because the boss’s child does likewise.   Politicians lie, cheat, steal and abuse laws they swear to uphold, but voters vote them back in office year-after-year.  Leaders rule with an iron fist because fear is used to keep the “underlings” in line.  Consequently, when honesty, integrity, dignity, respect and rule of law are encountered, hate and evil ways are used to destroy them.

The greatest man who walked this earth was alone in his views, understanding and practice.  In fact, he was “the way.”  It takes courage, devotion, determination and honor to please divine law or a sense of morality, and place it above greed, power, and self-aggrandizement.  How do you fit in?  

Do you ask “Is it right?” or do you say “It’s alright”–alright to follow along and dare to be different?

This article says, “It’s NOT OK” to follow a path your inner self tells you is wrong.  It’s not OK to break not only man’s laws, but God’s laws as well.  It’s not OK to say it is OK when you know it isn’t!  Be different!  Exercise courage and you will discover self-respect.