The Writers Monthly: My Experience Installing Hardwood Floors!


The Den


After many years of putting it off, it was finally decided hardwood would be placed on the floors in a hall, office and den of our home.  When the picture above was taken, things were still in the process of getting in place…the TV table had not been returned to the room.  However, things were looking up.

Prior to beginning the project, much research was done to obtain the company that would best meet our needs. . .  Home Depot, Lowe’s, Carpet Guys to name a few.   None met what was considered to be “fairness” in dealings with us, because all payment up front was required for installation and materials.  That seemed unfair, making it difficult to seek remedy if the job did not meet approval after it was completed.  We discovered all those businesses stick together… so the consumer had to use one of them or forget about the project!

Using a credit card, gave a little “cover.”  Dissatisfied CustomerThe credit card company would help a bit if they wanted to get paid…so, that option was taken…our making sure it was paid off withing 25 days, so no fees would be incurred.  It takes a lot these days to keep from being “ripped off.”

The day arrived when the materials were neatly stacked in front of the bathroom door for three (3) days so the hardwood could blend with the house atmosphere…that was fun.  Well…there was another bathroom to use.

After the waiting period, the installer arrived.  At the outset, he stated, “There will be a problem here…this needs to align with that…this is this… and to make it work as it should, it will cost more money…”  To which it was replied, “Lumber Liquidators sent a person out to measure and check everything for possible problems and found none regarding installation.  So, no more money will be forthcoming!”  He stated, “I do not work for  Lumber Liquidators.”

“Well …we did not hire you…we hired Lumber Liquidators and if they not do follow through with their contract, there will be a serious problem!”

Lumber Liquidators was called, and the contractor was told to do the job correctly without  additional payment.  That little episode caused mistrust instantly…so the contractor was “watched like a hawk,” with someone checking on the work progression often.  However, as it turned out, he proved to be a nice guy, worked with us and the job ended satisfactorily for all concerned.  We even ended up with left-over hardwood… lugging it downstairs to the garage… is another story.

My Hall

Would we use Lumber Liquidators again?  Yes!  They stood behind their materials and contractors, listened to our complaints with care and concern, and made sure no more money was ‘coughed up.”