You Raise Me Up CD: by Dr. Mamie Smith

Be Lifted Up

Dr. Smith taught vocal music to thousands of children across America and on Okinawa, Japan. She performed in numerous choirs, operas, churches and became guest soloist for military churches on Okinawa. It is not unusual for her to be stopped on the streets of Detroit and hear, “Hi Dr. Smith! Remember me? You taught me at (name of school)!” or to be notified by a Facebook person who remembers her as the vocal teacher. Some of her students have made successful musical careers in New York.

You see… not only did Dr. Mamie teach vocal technique and polish the human voice, she also taught basic core values like discipline, hard work, honesty and responsibility.

Even though she performed professionally, it never occurred to her to go in a studio and “spin a tune,” that is until a few months ago when a well-known saxophonist told her she had “spent most of her life helping…do something for yourself.”

“You Raise Me UP” is Produced by Duane Parham

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