An American Story: My Family and Yours

An American Story: My Family and Yours by Author Dr. Mamie Smith sends thought back to the early 17th century, when slavery was first introduced in America.  For this reason, both blacks and whites do not wish to read it.  Why?  It invokes guilt in whites and shame in blacks.  However, it is part of American history–a history most do not want to mentally relive.  Consequently, this “burying of heads in the sand, ” keeps racism relished by some and despised by others.

During the Democratic debates a couple of days ago, it was at the forefront of discussion.  One candidate began the discussion before the question was introduced by the presenters.  Everyone knows America has a racist history and that racism is live and well today.  We hear it in many of the President’s speeches, view it in polices orchestrated by the Republican Party, avoided by Democrats, but lived in the homes and streets each day.  However, few want to discuss it…they continue living it and pretending…

Slavery lived for over 150 years, Jim Crow took its place and racism marches today.  How do we heal it?  The book An American Story points the way…using the author’s own struggles with racism and learning from each experience.  These experiences do not evoke anger, conversely they generate love–a love that supersedes human thoughts and emotions.  It discusses the root causes of racism, how it began, progressed and the fuel that keeps it burning in the hearts of mankind not only in America, but worldwide.  She lays out the only remedy for its healing…a remedy that involves a total re-structuring of thought–thought that many will never experience in this world because what they cling to, is so heavily entrenched.  The freedoms we share…are based on the freedoms we embrace.

Read this book and see what she says.  We are…what we believe.