The Writers Monthly: True Love Lingers…

Happy Valentines Day Images


Hallmark’s romantic, love stories steal my heart.  Sometimes I laugh, sometimes I cry and…sometimes I reflect on memories that make me smile.  Today was no exception, but…it was one of the “smile and reflect” days.  During this moment of contemplation, a valentine heart took shape in thought, allowing me to grasp that Valentine Day is just around the corner.  Of course, my friend always presents me with a box of candy, causing me to nibble at the box for about a month–telling myself that eating one or two a day keep the pounds away.  But…what does the day really mean?  The answer most people will give, “It’s a day to express love!”  Let’s look at that.

Many believe Valentine Day derived from a pagan festival on February 15th in Rome called Lupecalis somewhere around the 6th century.  Others believe on February 14th, 3rd century, a man named Valentine was executed by the Roman Emperor Claudius II for assisting Christians and  secretly marrying couples in love.  The story continues that during his imprisonment, Valentine tried to convert the Emperor.  This enraged the Emperor, and he subsequently ordered his execution.  A third story has Valentine labeled as a “patron of love,” consequently in the 5th century, Pope Gelasius declared February 14th a day to celebrate the martyrdom of St. Valentine.  Whatever the accuracy of either story, today, people worldwide celebrate Valentine Day on February 14th as a day of “love.”

Typically, a box of chocolates is given to one’s “sweetheart.”  Why?  Some say chocolate contains a substance that inflames desire and causes the loved one to become more romantic.  Then…there is the belief that chocolate is a symbol of love and commitment.  Hmm-mm…my husband gave me a box of candy for many years, but somewhere along the journey, the chocolates cease to enter my house and hand.  Just maybe…he lost his “love and commitment.”


Tomorrow is Valentine Day!  What will it deliver on your doorstep?