A Letter from Tyler Perry

A Man of Success and Courage

Every body knows Tyler Perry and have heard his life story many times. He started from “nothing” but a strong desire to succeed, and is now one of the most successful African American film producers, directors, actors, screenwriters, playwrights, songwriters, entrepreneurs, and philanthropist in America. “Pulling oneself up by his bootstraps” does not define what this man has done. Admired by many…with this writer being one of them, his life highlights courage, inner strength and patience…qualities that spell “greatness.” Perry writes and sends videos to many waiting followers. Here is an example:

Hi ____________, 

A few years ago my nephew committed a heinous crime – he shot his biological father and killed him just feet away from my sister over a senseless argument. The murder shook our entire family to its core. 

Despite his horrible act, before he went to prison, I went to see him in the local jail. I assured him that we all still loved him, but it was important to all of us, including his mother, that he was punished for this horrific crime that he had committed. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison. 

Call me naive, but it was my hope that after serving his time, really reflecting, showing much remorse, and asking God for forgiveness, that he would have been able to come work for me. Where he would join all the other former inmates that work for me and turn his life around, just as they have. But that day will never come. 

Three days ago, I got the horrible news that he allegedly committed suicide in prison. I say allegedly because, unfortunately, our criminal justice system and prisons have been notorious for cover ups and/or getting it wrong.

With that in mind I have hired Dr. Michael Baden to do a second autopsy, and we are expecting the results soon.

I want to be clear that we are not a family of conspiracy theorists, and we want to believe that there was no foul play, just as the sheriff has stated publicly. 

On behalf of me and my sister we thank you for all the thoughts and prayers, and we will have no further comments at this time.


A Heart-Breaking Story

Why does he take time out of his very busy schedule to write his followers? One word: “spirituality,” and a daily dose of it becomes the medicine that protects, governs and guides. Money, prestige and power cannot erase the mental ideas that form the spiritual basis of thought. Once one experiences this element of thought, loves it, he seeks to develop it. It becomes his motivation, inspiration and moral fiber. Without it, life has no real purpose.

Tyler Perry…a man of wisdom and determination…