Divinity is the Doorway to Humanity

Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday is an inspiration, as well as thought-provoking… and gratitude goes to her for sharing it with the world. However, it was during a listening session of this Show that someone remarked, “Humanity is the doorway to divinity.” Almost instantly, my mental response was, “No! It’s the other way around!” What generated such an immediate denial ? That is what this article is about!

Where do we start? As always, all existence begins with the sole Creator, whom I define as God–God who is Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth and Love! Everything originates and flows from this One Source. God is divine…not human. He is all Presence, Power and Knowledge. Therefore, how can anything human guide that which is divine? When Jesus said, “I am the door: by me if any man enter in, he is saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture” (John 10:9). This “I” that he speaks of, is the Christ–Christ that is the manifestation of God, the Christ which speaks to human consciousness and corrects that which is not in harmony with it. To connect with this Christ, one must connect with Life, Truth and Love, which are synonyms of God. Man should not look within the brain or human sense of reality, he must move thought to that which expresses peace, joy, goodness and purity of thought.

To cross the threshold of divinity, is to start with that which is divine. If the human thought is filled with anger, start with divine Love; if unjust, go to Principle; if suffering, go to Truth. Learning what each aspect of godliness means and applying it, erases its opposite. Humanity is not the source, it is the recipient. The “kingdom of heaven” is within us–within our capacity to understand, but we have to understand who supplies that kingdom. We don’t! Divine Mind supplies it.

Fear is the most destructive element of human thinking. It never comes from divinity! It paints a false picture of gloom and doom. To the extent that human thinking aligns with fear, it directs thinking to focus on emotions causing the fear, rather than the source of all intelligence. Fear is never a solution…it is always a problem. Therefore, mankind must handle fear by replacing it with love. The challenge, is to lift thought above fear so it can be destroyed. Life experiences can teach valuable lessons, only if those lessons are anchored in the divine. The toughest experiences make the biggest impressions, because they bring the greatest human suffering. Therefore, they are more lasting.

Someone asked, “Does a human job determine the type of lessons that should be learned?” No! The execution of jobs held in society, should only grow out of the divine footsteps held in thought. If one’s thought is pure, his actions will be pure…the job expressing that purity is immaterial. One can love deeply cutting his neighbor’s grass, as well as running a billion-dollar corporation. The key is…human action growing out of divine thinking! Evil actions may cause one to seek the divine, but evil is never a source of good. Goodness comes from holiness, righteousness and divine Spirit–the only true substance. Evil is also never based in love, but how we respond to it, can be an act of love. Freeing it from this pespective frees us from re-acting to it negatively.

The life of Jesus makes us aware that the human existence is not easy, but he said, “Peace I leave with you….” That peace comes from entering the doorway to divinity, walking among the green pastures of love, discipline, determination and justice…even when it is hard. There will be times we will struggle, fall down, wallow on the ground… but the Christ within us gives us the “bootstraps” to pull ourselves up, not become over-whelmed by the status quo and continue the pathway to divinity.