T-Shirts: How To Design or Get Designed

Do You Need T-Shirts for an Event?

This Design…or Yours…

Design t-shirts and other items with your logo and artwork for organizational or business events, church fundraisers, picnics and family gatherings that look and reflect quality and style. Use this link to get started: https://www.bonfire.com/welcome/e922d1f454ec4/

The Art Makes the Shirt...

Once you design your product, create a campaign and let members, friends, business associates and “the world” know about it. Make a profit on each product sold.

Let EAS Design and Set-Up the Campaign

If your “time-clock” does not allow you to design a t-shirt or product and set-up a campaign, let Educational Arts Society (EAS) do it for you. All you have to do is tell them what you want to say, provide a logo, email, artwork and they will do the rest. To view their work…click here.

Your campaign enables you to sell several products reflecting your organization’s goals, while receiving profits on each item sold. The cost of EAS to design and set-up a campaign is FIFTY DOLLARS ($50.00) which can be paid via their safe PayPal account by clicking here.

I wanna’ t-shirt…please.