Jesus Christ

The greatest “Day in History” for humanity, was the day Jesus was born. This article will explore key reasons why the writer believes that statement is accurate.

For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: (Isaiah 9:6)

Born over 2000 years ago, Jesus gave humanity an element of spirituality no one had before or after him, but … is Jesus God? No! Wait, before you yell at me, let me explain. Jesus was a human man…Jesus Christ was the Son of God. According to Scripture, Jesus had an earthly mother, but no earthly father. Mary, his mother, had an immaculate conception. What does that mean? It means no sperm and egg connected to form an embryo, Jesus was formed because of Mary’s close relationship with God. Thus, he viewed God as his Father, even though he was carried in her womb for presumably, nine months and arrived in the flesh. Undoubtedly, he learned as a very small child from his mother, that his Father was God, because according to Luke 1:35, she was told, “The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee, and the power of the Highest shall overshadow thee: …that holy thing which shall be born of thee shall be called the Son of God.” As an adult, Jesus also referred to God as his Father. But…is that why many people today, believe Jesus is God?


Jesus Christ

The teachings and life Jesus lived, exemplify the title Jesus Christ…meaning he walked around in a fleshly body, but maintained a consciousness united or connected to God. The word “Christ” means the divine manifestation of God, that which comes to the human consciousness, and destroys everything there which is not good, holy and righteous. Christ is a state of thought that embraces purity, perfection and harmony. Nothing imperfect dwells there. Jesus maintained such a state of thought. He saw himself as God’s child, made in His image and likeness. Therefore, if God is good and Jesus is made in His likeness, Jesus also has to be good. In some languages, the word “God” means “good.” He saw not only himself as the image and likeness of God, he taught that, all God created expressed the same goodness. He knew what made him a child of God, was not his physical structure, it was his divine nature. Similarly, he saw every person as a child of God. Why? Because God created everyone and everything, and “all that he made was good.” Guess what? That makes you and me good. . . because God made us.

“Wait!” You say, “I see “tons” of people doing evil things…even I do evil things that are not good!” Correct! The person doing those evil things, is not the person God created, he is a mortal person who has separated himself from God. The man God created is made out of Spirit (another name for God), and that man is not “flesh and blood,” but a consciousness only embracing thoughts, ideas and laws of God. Spirit never does evil things and the man in his image, being spiritual, does not do evil things.

Are you confused? Here’s the deal! Most, if not all of us, come into this world, learn the ways of the world, which constitute mortal thinking. We believe parts of the Bible that support that thinking, live that thinking, and tell ourselves we can’t do better because we are not God. That is true…we are not God, but we are children of God. . . which means we have all of the tools to live a spiritual life if we seek it. Ministers of God don’t demonstrate godliness, nor understand it, so they give us good reasons why we are not expected to live it. But… Jesus lived and preached exactly the opposite. As a son of Spirit, he lived a spiritual life. That is why he was crucified! The chief priests at that time didn’t live spiritual lives, and detested having someone running around teaching differently from them. They did not know how to do what he did, but instead of learning from him, they hated him! Therefore, the political system created a “pack of lies” about Jesus and got Pilate to “wash his hands” of the matter. . . giving them the “green light” to murder Jesus for the spiritual life he lived and taught.

They Killed Him for the Life He Lived

The problem with those chief priests is, they did not understand they could kill the human man, but could never kill the spiritual man. That man is eternal. Have you ever wondered why in 2020 we are still talking about “The Man Called Jesus?” We are not talking about the physicality of Jesus (Well…the ones of us whose thought is enlightened… are not), we focus on Jesus’ ability to “heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the leper and cast out demons.” We marvel at that…tell ourselves we can never do it, because again…Jesus was God!” Not true…Jesus let us know we could “do the works” that he did, but…we have to keep our thoughts aligned with the Father…”our Father,” as well as his Father. He even gave us a prayer to use, which begins…”Our Father, which art in heaven.” We say that prayer with no understanding of what it really means. We are so busy doing mortal, material things, we do not have time to learn who God is. Sorry folks…learning that God is Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, Love, is a day-to-day process, which takes more effort and concentration than any profession, career or skill-set you will ever tackle. How do I know? I strive to do it daily! And… putting into practice what you are learning, means making human sacrifices most of us do not wish to make. So…we continue down the road of mental devastation: lying, cheating, stealing, hating, killing and making excuses for it. However, before we enter “the kingdom of heaven,” we will be forced to learn it. It’s a journey all of us must travel, either here…or hereafter, but it will be traveled!

The material mentality will diminish as we embrace the life of Jesus. Jesus was truly “the way”–the way out of sin, sickness and death. He spent his human life as an example… teaching and demonstrating…not to exempt us from freeing ourselves from sin, sickness and death, but showing us the way to do it. He saw all of them as “error,” that which God neither created or had knowledge of. ” He died for our sins” does not mean we can sit back and not follow his pathway…it means, “Here’s the way to do it…now do it!” Every person must “work out his own salvation” . . . let’s get busy!

He’s Talking to You and Me!