The Greatest Prophet

When we think of the word “prophet,” several names pop into our heads, names like: Moses, Paul, Jeremiah or Jacob, but when we think of the greatest prophet who walked the earth, Jesus comes to mind. There are many reasons for that distinction, but this article will point out the most significant reason. So, the central theme of this article is “What does it mean to be considered The New Prophet That Has Risen Up?”


Jesus is considered by many as the greatest teacher who has ever walked the face of the earth. He appeared humanly, but his understanding and actions were spiritual, manifesting the vision of Soul and the intelligence of Mind. Soul, Mind, animated all that he said and did. His wisdom surpassed the knowledge of all mankind, yet he had the ability to touch the thought of a person with the least spiritual understanding. He only asked him “to believe.” As Jesus roamed the earth, many saw him as “the new prophet” who had risen up.


A prophet is a “person regarded as an inspired teacher or proclaimer of the will of God,” a person with supreme wisdom and understanding. Even though no man has matched the understanding and healing Jesus brought to the world, many did not consider him a prophet. Still, others saw him as a King, Messiah or Savior who would lift people out of human bondage. And…he was such a man, but many misunderstood what that meant, as do many today. His success did not lie in rescuing the physical body, even though he did in many instances, his mission was to free human thought, replace it with spiritual wisdom and understanding. He knew if man understood his true identity, he could rise above human suffering and bondage. Such thinking was and is, in direct opposition to human logic and practice. Those who grasped it, were saved, those who didn’t, paid the price. That price took many forms, but the greatest detriment to progress, was man’s lack of understanding that sin, sickness and death were and are human stages of thought and experience, not spiritual demonstration of the laws of God. Once that knowledge is understood, man can rise above human hardships and frailties. That knowledge gave Jesus the power to destroy sin, sickness and death, replace it with Life, Truth and Love. Yes…his human body was killed for teaching and living that knowledge, but he rose to show all of us that the physical body does not represent the body of Christ. That body, which is divine consciousness, cannot not be killed or destroyed. This knowledge made Jesus the “new prophet” . . . the prophet who saved mankind.


It walks among us …now…today. It is the ‘forever coming of Christ,” that divine manifestation of God that takes away the sins and dis-eases of the world. CONVID 19 is one of those diseases, and to destroy it, we must replace the beliefs, fears and notion that it has a mind of its own—an intelligence that roams the earth , destroying Life, Truth and Love. It does not! That is the challenge–the challenge that keeps us from accepting the protection of Soul, erasing fear with divine Love and accepting the intelligence of divine Mind–an intelligence material beliefs cannot eliminate. We have allowed fear, ignorance and sin to corrupt thought and annihilate faith–a faith that is “the substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things unseen.” We must get it back! Divine Love will meet the need of each one of us, touching us where we mentally are, and guiding our footsteps both mentally and practically. We have an obligation to search for that new prophet within our own consciousnesses, ignite the fire that burned within Christ Jesus . . . now…and always.