Attitudes of the privileged wealthy, systemic racism, corruption and lack of moral values are at the heart of “what’s wrong in America.” Too many citizens do not have a clue and do not wish to get a clue, how other groups of people in America think and live. They live in their own respective worlds, seemingly, unmoved by the storms circling around them. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer and discrimination grows. Four hundred years of maintaining the states quo, the wealthy has generated many tactics to keep the machine well-oiled and working. They have a three-pronged human mechanism: Poor whites, as was done during slavery, are kept in line by the use of hatred for blacks and other people of color; when blacks get”out of line,” they are given policies, rules and laws that require the status quo to enforce (which they have little or no intention of doing) to pull them back in line, and a third group whose moral compass becomes unraveled, but choose to become the “silent majority.” After all, they benefit financially from the status quo. So…they bury their heads in the sand, hold their noses and say nothing. But…two weeks ago, something happened that was so egregious that many of the “silent majority” lifted their voices and began to try to understand what blacks have been screaming about since 1619.

 Privatization of prisons elevated racism . . . if blacks are not killed by police and other “legal ways” (stand your ground laws) a concerted effort is made to imprison people of color. It is reported that many large corporations and financial institutions entice the poor and middle class to purchase their products while they covertly fund systemic racism and inequality. The writer recognizes that many wealthy and large institutions support social programs that encourage equality and fairness, but too many support the status quo. Others pay lip service to equality, but their actions say the opposite. Also . . . this article is “What Must America Heal?” so more attention is given to the ills of the nation.

The images above are examples of maintaining the “status quo.” This is today’s America! These images represent systemic racism and greed.

America’s gun laws allow children to be slaughtered in the streets, parishioners murdered in their pews, and weapons of warfare to flow into the homes of Americans, but NRA lobbyists seem to have control over the minds and morals of most senators in Washington, therefore, no legislation is passed to lessen the destruction. So . . . we run and we weep . . . and the murders continue.

America elected, what many have described as the most corrupt, lawless, racist and incompetent president in modern history. They ask, “How did we do that?” Words that have been used are: Greed! Manipulation! Racism! Silent Majority! Many reading this article may conclude that anger and hatred are motivating the words . . . no, it is truth and honesty! It’s emphasizing that unless the hearts and minds of people change, nothing will change. The first step to making a change is recognizing that there is a problem, identifying it and seeking a solution.

Change begins with thoughts and beliefs, and beliefs and thoughts are changed when the moral fiber of our nation changes. A white minister, lamenting the lack of spirituality being taught in white churches, stated white ministers are silent on the racial and inequalities of the country when they speak from their pulpits and on the microphones of the world. How is the Christ being defined in our hearts? How could we have elected a leader we all knew did not represent equality, human decency and lawfulness? What do we treasure? Is money that important? Where is man’s humanity to man? Where is “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you? Love your neighbor as yourself,” and recognizing that every man created by God is your neighbor. Our inner selves must be stripped to the core and replaced with truth and love. It is not a sin to be wealthy, but it is a sin to acquire that wealth by misusing, abusing and looting the country and others. Many whites highlighted the looting in cities (which should never have taken place) during the protests, but say nothing about white crimes that loot the country. Even the country’s attorney general is seeking to free a white man who confessed to “ripping off America.” America, America …where is our sense of goodness, mercy and love? There are many kind and loving people: black, white, red and yellow, and we see change taking place.

Working together, we can represent, “All men are created equal.” As the old hymn says, “We (were) lost, but now (we’re) found.”