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A cry of 400 years

A cry of 400 years,

Streaks across the nation,

No one sees, no one hears,

Faces covered with hurtful tears.

Over miles of unhallowed ground,

Across rivers of waters high,

The journey continues amidst the storm,

Freedom is silent, that’s the norm.

The Jim Crow south leads the band,

With hands raised in salute,

Enslavement is here to stay,

It does not matter what others say.

The ghosts of Lincoln rose up again,

Proclaimed freedom throughout the land,

Cries of civil rights rang true,

To quell the violence for me and you.

A new way of thinking emerged and grew,

Cries of equality reached the land,

Marches, free banners held high,

Throw out the old, we all must try.

The words, “We can” range loud and clear,

Wall street, main street held them dear,

Suddenly, we heard, “It cannot grow,

We love the past of ol’ Jim Crow!”

“Freedom, freedom,” the cries range out,

“The time is now, we cannot wait,

Equally on this land all trod,

We’re one nation under God.”

Written by Dr. Mamie Smith


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