Life is filled with thoughts of you,
Each one having a special place,
Never worn, always new
Filled with happiness and grace.


You pick up each shattered piece

And fit it to a life alone . . .


“Nothing changes.” What is the depth of those words? The man that God created is eternal.  His nature is divine and his life everlasting.  The physical body is not that man, he is made up of thoughts, ideas and concepts that embrace the wholeness of God.  Therefore, Laurie does not have a heart that moves by disharmony and discord, but movements that are pure and perfect, and only move in relationship to God—the core of her being.

All activity of thought rests in the eternality of Life.  That life is not the movement , quietness, and perfection of a body, but the activity of thought.  Laurie did not leave this earth until her work was complete. Lack of motion of a physical body cannot deter that mission, alter that direction, or change the course of direction that Mind mapped out for her.   She was not a physical entity (as beautiful as she was), but a compilation  of spiritual ideas. 

You still have work to do. What is that work?  It is the work that you are already doing—expressing the divine qualities that God has given you.  Let them unfold according to the will of God, not as you will.  We are all opening thought to the wonders of love, the perfection of goodness, and the grace of mercy.  Sometimes that progression seems slow to human thought and expectation, but, each step has to be taken to get us where we need to be in order to fulfill our mission.  I struggle with this every day.    The evils of fear, ignorance and sin cannot deter that mission.  Our goal must always be to allow each day to unfold new ways of expressing our true being—children of God. 

Carry in your heart the memories, experiences that shaped Laurie’s life and yours, and gain each day, a “priceless sense of the dear Father’s loving kindness” .  .  . the knowledge that He loves you, protects you and keeps you safe in the circle of love.

Condolences to you and your family . . . Mamie Smith

This article was written by Contributor Dr. Mamie Smith, who was a teacher in the school where Dr. Ernest Buechler served as principal. This is her tribute to him and his wife Laurie Buechler.