What does spiritual understanding mean to me? How do I search for it? What does it mean when I get it? How do I know when I have it? How does it come about? These are all very valid questions. I hear over and over, “God told me to do this, or God told me to do that.” God is not a physical being. God is Spirit! He is not comprehended via the five physical senses. How do you hear him? How do you know it is God talking to you? These are questions this article seeks to answer.


In John 4: 24, we read, “God is Spirit, and those who worship Him, must worship him in spirit and in truth.” Have you figured out what this means to you? I have. It means that God is a Being that cannot be perceived with any of the physical senses (such as eyes, ears, touch) . . . if one seeks to communicate with him, it must be done mentally, and thinking must reach outside of mortal thinking to immortal thinking.

What are qualities that define Spirit? Faith, strength, purity, unlimitlessness, purity, gladness, unfoldment, substance, abundance to recall a few. So, for anyone to communicate with God, Spirit, thought must be pure (untouched by materiality), faithful to God, unlimited (having no limitations placed on it), godly, strong, plentiful and may not be readily known, but unfold as you mentally connect with God. These are prerequisites for communicating with Spirit. Now . . . you discover what that verse means to you. Be sure you add that you must be “in spirit and in truth” during this communication. These are key elements that must be adhered to . . . according to John.

Ah-ah, make sure you agree with Jesus when he calls God his Father, making him the Son of God. Some people believe Jesus is God . . . you, however, may not. In fact, it was Jesus who taught us with the Lord’s Prayer, that God is not only his Father, but ours also. He began that prayer with “our Father,” making God the Creator of all. Now, since we know God is the Father of all that is spiritual, and . . . the physical body is not made of Spirit, what did God create in everybody? Answer: Our spiritual nature.


Most of us have no knowledge of what God, Spirit looks like, so often, he is defined by “light.” Light means spiritual understanding. Therefore, our spiritual nature is the light of truth that transforms our thinking from human to divine. Transformation is not “magical” in the sense that we feel a physical change in the body or physical environment, but is magical in that we let go of anger, revenge, hurt, resentment, stress, fatigue or other sinful elements of thought, and feel “It’s OK . . . Everything will be alright,” or inwardly, we feel love glowing, peace moving us forward and joy emerging in thought. Once you feel it, you will desire it again. It’s the peace Jesus left with us . . . not as the world gives, but as divine life gives.


How does one know if the messages coming into thought are from God? One way is to honestly and humbly reach out to God with your highest sense of goodness. Ask yourself: Is what I am asking, for self or is it for all mankind? Read “The Lord’s Prayer” and honestly ask yourself if what you are thinking, saying or doing follows that Prayer? Read each of the Beatitudes of Jesus and discover if they are being followed. Is what you are about to say or do, the same thing you desire done to you? If you humbly and honestly follow the steps above, you will not end with the same understanding you begin with. This is how spiritual understanding and growth come about . . . if you honestly seek, you will find.

What does spiritual understanding mean to you when you get it? It moves you one step closer to God. However, every evil thought or action must receive similar scrutiny. One sin overcome (no matter how great) will not answer for all sin. Trusting and serving God, is an ongoing process–a day-to-day process that continues eternally . . . here and hereafter. It is easy to sin, but difficult to serve God.


Serving God is difficult to us as mortals, because we put ourselves before God. We would rather hate, lie, steal, cheat and be revengeful than find a way to overcome them with love, kindness, truth and doing the right thing . . . even when we know the right thing to do.

It is challenging to think “Father, forgive them,” live it, and move on without “striking back.” When I am tempted to use revenge as a solution to a wrong perpetrated on me, I rebelled against the temptation because I know sin hurts the person committing it. In every case where temptation is overcome, I have been the winner. Many times, it is only a quiet acknowledgement that God is in control, with no immediate human results, but when I have given in to revenge, immediate gratification lasts only a moment before guilt, pain or suffering occur. There are always two pathways to follow, right or wrong. We get the choice as to which path we will take.


Spiritual understanding is a divine state of mind; a consciousness filled with the divine laws of God; a mind that parallels the mind that was in Christ Jesus. We all have the capacity to witness the unfoldment of this mind within each one of us, but living for money, power, prestige and self, will not get us there. This moment is an opportunity to begin the journey. Remember . . . you are not looking for “easy” . . . you are seeking spiritual understanding.

Written by Dr. Mamie Smith