America Needs You

Biden and Harris: Getting It Done

Vice President Biden and Senator Harris are the perfect match. Each has qualities and morals that compliment each other. The citizens need to see that to reshape and rebuilt America.

Citizens of  America, listen!
 We're on a survival mission,
 The core of justice is at risk,
 It's something no one sane can miss.

There's a glimmer of light that gives us hope,
Though dim and dreary, we must cope, 
Health, harmony for all mankind 
Somehow each of us must find. 

Biden and Harris will pave the way, 
There's one thing we must say.
America, America, you lost your way, 
Change is's a new day.


All Americans who wish to see the “soul of America” brought back to a value system, that allows us to continue striving for “a more perfect union” our Constitution has not reached in 400 years, are elated to see Senator Kamala Harris on the Democratic ticket as Vice President! It is a historical day we should all be proud of! She is intelligent, dynamic, tough and has the “stick-to-it-ness” to get the job done. To label her as “angry, mean or nasty,” is not only racist, but sad and untrue. Then…why would we expect more from an administration that has built its leadership and actions on lies? No one has to ask what this administration has done…we see what it has done..we live it everyday!


Let us support her and recognize she is the perfect person to stand beside Vice President Joe Biden, to stop trying to “Make America Great,” but as the Senator says, “Stop Trying to Make America Hate!” They compliment each other, and are exactly what America needs to stop the corruption, lack of health responsibility, social and economic deterioration, and human divide we are experiencing now.

To support the Biden-Harris direction for America …make sure you will not let “anything” keep you from casting your vote for them in November!