Three words define why Senator Kamala Harris should be the next vice president for Joe Biden: Courage! Confidence! Conviction!

She is tough, knowledge-able and will “stand her ground” in the face of criticism. It’s one thing to know what should be done, but quite another to fight until it gets done!


Kamala Harris, Senator, the next Vice President

Senator Harris was born in Oakland, California, and is the daughter of two immigrant parents: her mother from India and father from Jamaica, giving her first-hand knowledge of what it means to live in a country that does not always honor its words: “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” She attended Howard University in Washington, D.C. with a double major: political science and economics. Some have described her as “whip-smart, hardworking and well-credentialed.”

In 2003, Senator Harris successfully defeated incumbent Attorney General Terence Hallivan to become San Francisco’s attorney general. During that time, she tackled a record of dismal felony convictions, hate crimes against LGBT children in schools and environmental crimes. Continuing her journey of righting the wrongs in criminal behavior, 2010 saw her defeating Republican Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley to become California’s first Jamaican-American Attorney General. During her term as attorney general, she sought criminal justice reform, consumer protection, predatory practices, privacy rights, public safety and sex crimes. In 2016, Ms. Harris joined senators in Congress by defeating fellow Democrat Loretta Sanchez.

America Needs Joe Biden

Vice President Joe Biden has a profile many feel exemplifies leadership, honesty, truthfulness, empathy and human decency . . . attributes that have been lacking for over three years in the White House. Having served as Vice President with President Barack Obama, he recognizes the importance of having a vice president that not only compliments those qualities, but amplifies them! A vice president is not a “yes man,” but one who also brings “something to the table,” and has the courage to put it on the table.

America is like “humpty dumpty,” it is broken and must be “put back together again.” The Constitution has been walked on, tossed around; norms shattered and there is creditable evidence that most federal departments have been negatively compromised. Thousands of Americans have died from COVID 19 due to lack of leadership, the economy is in shambles, racism on the rise and the values of the majority of the populace do not parallel the current administration. If elected, Biden and his vice president will have to “hit the ground running!”

Senator Kamala Harris is the model…place-maker! She knows what it means to reach for the sky and dance among the clouds. She has spent all of her life taking lessons. She is ready, able and dedicated to proving America is great…great when it lives the values it embraces: that all men are created equal…not just in words, but in deeds. America’s people are its power and it is strong because its people are strong, motivated and ready to map out a new pathway to freedom.