Taking Care of Yourself During Pregnancy

Taking Care of Yourself During Pregnancy is key to having a healthy baby. A healthy mom equals a healthy baby.

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Taking Care of Yourself During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an amazing and beautiful time in a woman’s life. You’re literally creating a new human being during the course of nine months. Getting prepared for birth and motherhood doesn’t have to be expensive, nor does it have to be a struggle. A few tips and ideas can help you on your way, including the ones presented below by The Writers Monthly Magazine.

Keeping Healthy

During pregnancy, your health is paramount not only for yourself but for your unborn baby. You have many choices for who manages your care, including midwives and obstetricians. Research the differences between the two to make an informed decision.

It’s important to eat well. Aim to get a bit more protein in your diet, and avoid excessive sugar and caffeine. You should also be taking a daily prenatal vitamin. 


March of Dimes notes that many women report feeling excessive stress during pregnancy. Your hormones are out of balance, and you’re in the process of making a major change in your life. The Gentle Nursery suggests making an effort to prioritize self-care. Identifying your stress triggers can help you avoid or cope with them more easily. Try meditating, deep breathing, getting plenty of sleep, and getting regular low-impact exercise. The occasional warm bath with silky bubbles doesn’t hurt either.

Create a Birth Plan

Particularly if this is your first birth, having a plan can make you feel more in control. There are many online resources to guide you through writing a birth plan. You also need to converse with your care provider to see what a typical birth they attend looks like. Plan how you’d like labor to go, positions you prefer to try for delivery, who you want present during different stages of labor, and how you’d like the moments after birth to be handled. While you make this plan, be sure to understand that, in the moment, things may change, and your provider always takes any necessary steps to try to keep you and your baby healthy.

Obviously, you also need to give some attention to your living quarters. Is your home big enough to accommodate a baby? If you think you’ll need more space, it’s best to have the move completed before the baby arrives, of course, but that requires an honest look at your finances and situation to see not only how much space you need, but how much you can afford, what with new expenses right around the corner.

Are you a business owner or manager? In the event something serious should arise before or during birth, those who run small businesses should verify that they have someone set up to make major decisions while indisposed. This involves setting up a fiduciary duty, where a “duty of care” is established that requires a fiduciary to make business decisions on your behalf. This individual is required to consider all options and information before making any decisions or taking action.

Prepare for Postpartum

Instead of walking in the door with a newborn and wondering “What now?” prepare for your postpartum experience. Plan and prepare some meals in advance that can simply be pulled out of the freezer and heated, or ask friends to set up a meal train for your first days home. Set up an area where you can rest with your baby nearby and where all the things you need for you both to be comfortable are within reach. 

Another consideration is to have something to wear. While your maternity clothes may still fit fine, having a few nice outfits in a larger size that don’t emphasize your postpartum belly may help you feel more comfortable for the visitors who’ll likely want to come and visit you and your baby. Nursing bras are particularly helpful.

You’ll Never Feel Fully Prepared

The truth is, even after multiple children, you’ll never feel fully prepared. Each pregnancy and delivery comes with its own nuances that may leave you feeling overwhelmed at times. The trick is to embrace this time of new beginnings and remember that even the most challenging moments are only temporary.

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Contributor Emily Graham