Unread Letter to Oprah

The "unread letter to Oprah" in 2009, did not reach her.  Hopefully, this one will.  If not, let those who do read it, be inspired.

Dear Ms. Winfrey,

Another “Unread Letter to Oprah: I hope this letter reaches you but if it does not, it is my greatest desire that the person who reads it, receives the depth of its message! I wrote you in 2009 and sent a copy of my first book The Unfolding of a Rose. It is a book that shared the experiences with my daughter from the age of two (2) until her death at forty-five (45). Had you read it, you would have seen the blunders, recoveries, joys and sorrows we worked through, and reached the deep love shared prior to her passing on.

My Daughter’s Death

Book: The Unfolding of a Rose: Amazon

My daughter’s name was Meta Rose. Her death, though filled with grief, guilt and pain, forced me to search for a life that sees no death. That is a life defined by the understanding and demonstration of the One Life, which is God. In my deepest moments of despair, divine Mind, God, reached out and elevated my thinking with five (5) words: “the divine activity of thought.” I learned that the human life is like a rose; it unfolds day by day, until it finally reaches divinity. At the time, comprehending that meaning was minimal. The only thing I knew was, clinging to such a revelation, brought an inner peace I had never known.

Chastened by Love

To be chastened by Love means giving up mortal beliefs and accepting divine understanding.

During that time, I was chastened by love for the thoughts that had made me accept “death” as reality and deny “life” as eternal. Consequently, I suffered from those human beliefs. Gaining a sense that the punishment I was experiencing was not the work of God, was liberating; it was what I was doing to myself. Hey! Ignorance is one of the human man’s challenging! Punishment and suffering are not what God does, it’s what we do! God is eternally Love and never sinks beneath that. Mortal beliefs cause us to accept a path that separates us from God, and then, urges us to blame Him for it. Oh! the workings of the human mind!

Grasping the Unread Letter to Oprah

This unread letter to Oprah expresses Love understood spiritually. It’s saying, “Love is unconditional, kind, compassionate, embracing and pure. Nothing less defines it. And . . .there is nothing for half of a second. . . that erases it!

The Impact of the Oprah Show

For decades, I watched “The Oprah Show” and am a frequent viewer of “Super Soul Sunday.” Sometimes, on Super Soul, you and your guests put into words the clarity of thought I am struggling to voice. It is a mental purification! The sincerity and integrity of the Show reach me in message, but more importantly, it massages my soul. I am grateful! As a Mississippi gal like yourself, I value the moral lessons taught by southern teachers, ministers and parents. The unread letter to Oprah became the foundation of true life, understood.

Unread Letter to Oprah Has Lasting Memories

Memories from writing that “unread letter to Oprah,” have given me the courage, discipline, and tenacity to tackle things I could never have imagined. You know. . . as a senior, I recorded my first single and album. When the mind guides, the “mental feet” follow.

So, Ms. Oprah Winfrey, here’s another unread letter. It says, “Thank you for being you and sharing yourself with the world!”


Dr. Mamie Smith, Contributor to The Writers Monthly

Editor’s Note: Dr. Smith has published three (3) books, five (5) ebooks, co-authored Saxophonist Duane Parham’s book “Can You Hear Me Now? and written hundreds of articles worldwide. Her EAMTRADIO Show “Talk to the Author with Dr. Mamie Smith,” interviews authors and people from all walks of life around the globe.