Traveling Tips by Willie Anderson

Are you planning a trip? If you are, “Traveling tips by Willie Anderson” can prove helpful. As talk show host of “Talk to the Author,” I interviewed Willie and probed his mind for travel information and suggestions. When the show airs, first-time travelers may want to grab a pad and pen to jot down a few things. Not only has Anderson set foot on four (4) continents, he has also soaked up facts, names and locations that give detailed accounts of their identities and cultures. Some refer to him as a “walking, world, vacation pamphlet.”

Planning Your Trip

Planning a vacation is exciting, but it can also be stressful. So, starting with sound trip information beats “on the job training.” Research the countries and states you plan to visit. As you listen to Willie, you will quickly grasp his familiarity with the places he has visited. Much of his confidence and awareness began months before “his ship of choice” left the dock. Prior internet research and phone calls preceded his visits and added to expectations. Adopt the attitude of, “Know before you go!”

The Colosseum in Traveling Tips by Willie Anderson

The Colosseum in Rome, Italy is included in the traveling tips by Willie Anderson. It is a glaring view of Rome’s history. The Colosseum, situated in the center of Rome, is the largest amphitheater ever built. Dating back to 69 A.D, it stands as a place where gladiators fought for their lives while kings watched with delight. Yet today, it remains one of Rome’s “must see” vacation sights. Other key cities are Milan and Venice.

Milan and Venice

During the interview, you will mentally, travel with Anderson to Milan and Venice. Milan, second only to Rome, houses the artistic and breathtaking masterpiece of Leonardo da Vinci entitled, “The Last Supper.” As I view this painting, I can almost hear the question the disciples are asking each other: “Are you the one who betrayed the Master?” Da Vinci’s treatment of movement and emotion is undeniable.

Giclee Print

Venice rests in northeastern Italy and is built on 118 small islands with much of it linked to over 400 bridges. Exciting things to do while in Venice include:

  • Gondola Cruises
  • Visits to Religious Sites Like the St Mark Basilico
  • Walking Tours with a Guide
  • A Glimpse of the Real Hidden Venice
  • Wine Tasting Tour
  • Doges Palace

These are a few “must see” things Venice offers. The “Talk to the Author Show” will give you a personal view of Venice.

Listening to Willie Talk

To hear “traveling tips by Willie Anderson,” tune-in to EAMTRADIO at 5 PM on Sunday, July 16, 2023 with Talk Show Host Dr. Mamie Smith. Grab the app here.

To get a quick view of places Willie and companions have traveled, check out the image slides below.