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The things in our daily experiences that seem so real, when seen in the light of spiritual understanding, have no value or reality. 

Every voice, every denial and every small act that says, “Racism is a human response, let’s find a divine response!” will continue in the growth process. Attitudes that advocate one group of people as “less than” another, must cease until we all are seen as “children of the One God.”

Life is filled with human hardships, but the defining moment is not that the hardships occur, it’s how we deal with them.   The following comments reflect how many people view the world from many perspectives.  How do you view life?


  • Ron Sanders Talks About What It Means to Be Handicapped:  Mamie, WOW!!!! I had forgotten the article had been sent to you. Thank you ever so much! I’m  both honored and humbled you thought of me and the article to include it in your very well done magazine. Please, keep me posted of any replies to the article. On another note, this is a shining light among a somewhat dismal month.
    Thanks, again.
    God bless & be well,


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    I really agree with your approach and incorporating the ten commandments. If you follow and study our history through biblical eye you easily understand that God helped establish this country, CHRIST THAT IS, no false god. But the part you stated but did not elaborate on. Was the second part after a well regulated malitia, was the right of the people to bears arm and NOT TO BE INFRINGED ON. The first is the malitia that is our protection from foreign threats. The second ( right of the people) the civilians. This is the protection of domestic threats and that is mainly THE GOVERNMENT. What you and many are missing is that we are being lied to by the liberals who want to turn this into a socialist country. Look biblically and you will see satin behind all of this. GOD BLESS YOU AND OUR NATION


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  • +Cynthia Gurney Hi Cynthia, Thanks for the response. I think it is a matter of interpretation of the Second Amendment. No one, not even “liberals as you say,” is asking people to give up their right to have guns for what they believe is their protection. Personally, I see God as the sole Protector. Everybody does not see Him in that way, and since we have freedom of religion in America, that is their right to believe as they do.  However, assault rifles do not fit into that category. No civilian needs that kind of a gun in their home or anywhere else. That is a weapon of war. Also … the easy availability of guns needs to be addressed. The gun problem is very complex. There is no one solution, we need to look at it from many angles … human angles, not political ones. We have over 12,000 gun deaths in this country. That is totally unacceptable. Also, I do not see the government as a threat as you do, nor interpret the Second Amendment the same as you. That is the difference between what you believe and what I believe. The Commandment that states, “Thou shalt not kill,” is very clear to me.
    Again … your understanding is yours and I am not trying to convince you otherwise. My understanding of the Bible comes from over 40 years of “healing” in many aspects of life … and I hope to continue growth in that area. Please visit my Blog “Open Thought” (#3 in Google search engines) @ smithmamie.com – Open Thought for a clear picture of what I believe. There are over 100 articles on many subjects there. Thank you for your comments. We need to talk with each other, even if we have different beliefs and ideas.
  • I love reading a post that should determine what people are to believe.
    Also, thanks for permitting me to comment!


  • Dear Dr. Smith:

Please allow me to send you a complimentary copy of one of the most wonderful books you will ever read, author Michael Gabriele’s In the Flesh – My Story, in consideration of a review, interview or feature. Michael’s award-winning honors for fiction writing makes him a most engaging guest.

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Helen Cook


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​How might the Lamb of God himself recount his adventure of love among us?

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  • Hi Mamie:

    I wanted to express to you how much I appreciated all the research that went into tracing your family’s ancestors and the deep feelings of pride, respect and love that you felt for them.  What a great gift to your widely extended family to have this record and narrative available to them now and for future generations.  I hope, too, that it will bring you back in touch with more distant family members forming fresh links.  I think my favorite part was your description of your childhood written in great detail of place and experience.  Your memories are vivid and beautifully written. Your book is  is both personal and timely. I felt that one could look forward through your ancestors’ eyes and feel their pride in the strong individuals they brought forth even through the personal challenges they faced, and how touched they would be to know that four generations later their lives would be embraced in a richly woven family fabric. — Wouldn’t they be amazed at the extensive family tree they planted?
    Thank you, too,